Lost baby following radical trachelectomy


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer just after my 30th Birthday. I was lucky in my diagnosis that I only required a radical techelectomy. The op went well and I’m pleased to say I have been cancer free for almost 4 years.

Following the operation however, I had problems with scaring which caused the opening to my womb to seal over and prevent me from having periods and ruining any chance of getting pregnant. Following a number of correction operations they made the decision to remove my stitch. 

Following IVF (with extreme low chances of success) I fell pregnant. My husband and I were overjoyed but knew we had a long way to go.

At 11 weeks I experienced heavy bleeding which continued for a few weeks. My consultant advised that this was due to a low attached placenta and had nothing to do with my past health history.

At 12 weeks we went ahead with planned surgery to replace the stitch they had removed prior to the pregnancy.

At 20 weeks my waters broke and we subsequently lost our beautiful baby boy. I also contracted sepsis and spent a couple of weeks in hospital.

I have heard a few similar stories, however a radical trachelectomy seems to be quite rare and so there isn’t much information out there. 

Our consultant is very good, however I seem to be such an individual case. I know there must be others out there going through something similar and wonder if there is doctor out there joining all the individual cases up?

Im finding it hard to believe that both the bleeding and infection was just bad luck and not consequences of my cancer treatment.

We now have to come to the hard decision as to whether we try again. As much as I’m desperate to be pregnant again I can’t go through losing another baby.

Has anyone else had a radical tracheotomy and experienced difficulties in pregnancy? Or been successful and had any additional care through the pregnancy?

I hope that no one else has had to go through this, but I thought it might be worth asking. 



I am so, so sorry for your loss. Do not look for something to blame, it's not your fault!


My IVF doctor wants me to get a "Trans-Abdominal Cerclage" instead of the usual "Trans-Vaginal Cerclage." 

This cerclage gives your uterus much more support and you are much more likely to carry closer to term.  You receive the surgery for this a few weeks after conception.  

Our pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies. Normal protocols doesn't work for us. In terms of the procedure itself, it's been around for about 15 years now. I'm 10 years past my radical trachelectomy. 


I am so sorry for your loss! 

I have had the same operation a year and a half ago. We have been trying for 6 months to get pregnant, but just no luck! You are right the information avaible is rubbish. 

I am trying to find out without a cervix if/how long sperm lasts (sorry to be graphic) but these things are important to know! 

You have to do what’s right for you! I once read keep it as a blessing you were able to Carry that long.... maybe next time it might be longer? Never give up hope! 


Hi, I had two lletz procedures followed by a "Trans-Abdominal Cerclage". I then proceeded with IVF (natural conception may have been posisble but could have taken much longer and we'd already lost a lot of time).

The IVF treatment was successful and I am now pregnant. Before I even became pregnant I was referred to the high-risk pre-term unit and I am now under their care. I have far mroe regular scans and check ups and am monitored very closely. 

All going well I will deliver by c-section at 37 weeks and the stitch will remain in place until we have completed our family. I also take progesterone suppositories and will be on steroids from 24 weeks to help build the baby's lung in case of an early birth. 

I am so sorry for your loss.

I have not had a Trachelectomy but I wanted to offer my support.


Thank you for replying, I've only just seen that there have been comments left. 

I will ask about the 'Trans-Abdominal cerclage' I had an operation a few months back to have 'a' cerclage put back in following the birth, but to be honest I'm not sure which one it was. 

The IVF team dont seem to comunicate with the obstetrics team very well, as the IVF consultant conducted the implant prior to the cerclage being present, but the obstetrics consultant was annoyed it wasnt done before conception and had to be carried out at 12 weeks. 

I always seemed to get doctors best assumption or opinions which seem to be based on an educated guess as there is much research to go on. 


Im happy to see you're 10 years since your radical trachelectomy. I hope you're happy and heathly x

Good luck with your IVF I hope it all goes well for you xx




Hi there 

Thank you for responding to my post. Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you getting on? I hope everything is going well xx

That's really helpful to know. Especially that you were able to concieve with the Trans-Abdominal Cerclage in place. 

It's also really good to know that you were referred to the pre-term unit straight away!

All the very best of lucj with your pregnancy  xx



That's very sweet of you. Thank you x

Thank you for responding. 

Dont give up hope on the IVF. We never thought it would work as at the very most they could only ever get the lining in my womb to to half of what it should be and as a result they only gave us a 5% chance success rate and we still managed for it to happen. 

Just stay postive and do everything they advise, as thats all you can do. I've got my fingers crossed for you xx