Bye bye HPV!

Ok so I thought I’d do a post here to see if I can help anyone.

Three years ago I was diagnosed as high risk hpv+ with no cell changes (thankfully!) however that put me on the yearly recall .

Now this is a trauma for me because I find Smear tests excruciating. I have finally had an ok experience this year due to taking diazepam (but that’s another story)

Anyway the past two years I have tested as positive …but today when I got my third year results the hpv is gone!

What I have done over the last couple of years it’s to make sure I have reduced my stress, ate healthily and taken a decent multivitamin. That is all. I believe stress is the main thing that absolutely bombs our immune system.
I had a lot of stress earlier this year and I was convinced my test would come back as + but lo and behold it’s gone (I did get myself back on track though).

So yeah my solution might have been as follows:

Decent sleep
Meditation (sometimes)
A multivitamin
Vitamin d
Vitamin b12

Hope this helps!


Great news! Pleased for you! Worth a try if you are hpv as a stress free life is always beneficial! Hope you stay clear and thanks for the positive and motivating post!


Well done, great news! I’m going for my 1st recall tomorrow after testing positive last year. I’m dreading it! Have thought about it every day for the last year. Fingers crossed it will come back clear.

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you , and if it doesn’t come back negative try not to stress too much. It took me nearly 3 years to get rid of it myself!

Thank you x

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That’s brilliant news, StaceyD and really encouraging for the rest of us!! Thanks for taking the time to share :slight_smile:

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