Bumpy and Abnormal cervical changes

Hi there, had colpo two weeks back that resulted in high grade changes cin3. I asked do tor if its hpv 16 but they didnt do a strain test and i have either 16 or 18. The biopsy was around 2mm×2mm×0.3mm sample. The microscopic evaluation are very vague.

It says:
“fragments of HSIL without underlying stroma which precludes assessment for the presence or
absence of invasion. Correlation with clinical and radiologic findings is recommended. Immunohistochemical stain
performed on block B1 shows that dysplastic squamous cells are diffuse and strong positive for p16”.

Scheduled for Leep mext week. Very nervous as doctor isnt seriously discussing the biopsy findings. Just says that its CIN3 better to perform LEETZ asap. She did say that she has done lot of surgeries and had done only 1 second LEEP.

Can anyone decode? What stroma? What are diffuse cells? What is it exactly saying?