Bright red bleeding circular dots on cervix

Hello, I have some red circular bright red abrasions shaped like dots on my cervix in the transformation zone
Could this be cervical ectropion? I will get it looked at asap as I have a history of high risk persistent HPV and having CIN cells too! This was a self examination where I had a look at my cervix. Long story short I have been keeping an eye on my cervix over the last few years through going to the colposcopy clinic, gynecologist etc and self-examining too. I can add a photo of my cervix and what I found if allowed but wanted to ask first if accepted in this group. I can give more context too if helpful! Thank you for any and all help! :smiling_face: it was very light spotting that triggered this self-examination but it doesn’t seem to be a period and I amn’t due for another 5 days? I will update if my period comes and that’s all it is, just the red dots/ inflamed areas and white patches are freaking me out a bit if I’m honest. I will get it professionally checked asap but would love to get some reassurance that it should be looked at and I’m right/ shouldn’t be worrying it’s all good and very likely cervical ectropion. Sorry for the long message and thank you Reddit! 28 year old female incase that makes any difference too! Thank you so much for any and all advice!