Red cervix


In the past I’ve had LLETZ treatment for CIN3. My last 2 smears were clear. The only symptoms I had (blissfully unaware I should add) was spotting between a couple of periods.

However the last couple of months I’ve had a lot of discharge and noticed bloody discharge between periods. I’ve also had a slight pain come and go in my lower right abdomen, in the pelvic area (minimal discomfort but some days it throbs). My smear was due so I figured good timing. I went today and she said my cervix looked quite red. I asked what can cause this and she said possibly sex. I nodded, despite knowing it definitely wasn’t due to sex.

So now I’m just wondering if anyone has had a red cervix and if it ended up with a cancer diagnosis or if I’m just over thinking it. I’m aware of cervix ectropion, but I just wanted peoples honest thoughts on my symptoms and now the red cervix?

Hi Jenjens14

I was diagnosed with stage 2A cervical cancer following symptoms which included a yellow watery discharge and abnormal (post-menopausal) bleeding - I didn’t have any pain. My cancer was discovered during a hysteroscopy and as soon as I’d come round from the GA the gynae told me that abnormalities were seen on my cervix and it was likely to be malignant. My cervix was described as friable and I bled quite a bit probably because biopsies were taken - I don’t recall colour being mentioned.

As you are aware your symptoms may indicate an ectropion and there are other possibilities e.g. infection. if you haven’t already I suggest getting a GP appointment as you may need tests other than a smear.

Let us know how you get on.


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Hi Jazza,

It’s really kind of you to take the time to reply. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I think you’re right in that I should book a GP appointment also. The discharge thing is new for me, I don’t normally get it and I noticed a few weeks back it was every single day and then sometimes tinged red. So I went to my smear with a bad feeling and then to say it’s red just sent my mind into overdrive.

My smear test came back this weekend as negative for HPV and it said, therefore no need to check for abnormal cells. I didn’t realise protocol had changed, is it normal not to check for abnormal cells anymore? I’m really confused. I’ve previously had CIN3 and Lletz and I’ve had symptoms of bloody discharge between periods so feel uneasy my cells are not checked. Can you only get cervical cancer with HPV?

An ectropion is on my notes (which explains the red cervix) I’ve been told it’s likely a hormonal change causing it, which is fine however wondered if anyone else has a diagnosis missed this way?

Another symptom I have is before the spotting, I feel a mild stabbing pain in my lower right pelvis and then always the day I feel it, it’s followed by the bloody discharge. So I know when it’s coming as I can literally feel the pain of it first. Is this normal for an ectropion? I’ve told my GP and been told these things sort themselves out in a few months.

I feel a bit in limbo now

Hi Jenjens14

Most ectropions don’t cause any problems but some do, if it does it tends to be abnormal bleeding/discharge but it has no link between the two, I’m unsure about the abdominal pain though I would query that x

They changed the testing in 2019/20 I believe, Cervical cell changes of concern only happen when reacting to a long term HPV infection so if you have come back as HPV negative there won’t be any changes of concern x HPV is the main cause of 99.7% of cervical cancer cases x

This is good news Jenjens in that it isn’t cancer - that’s what they are saying. You do have an ectropian to deal with and it may be there is some other inflammation as well. Do keep asking for help if you’re in pain and having troublesome symptoms. Some ectropian are treated and some clear up on their own. Not everything related to the cervix is related to cancer; don’t keep looking for extra problems but make sure that you keep asking questions if it doesn’t clear up in a few months. Don’t presume the worst - hope for the best. X