Brachytherapy, a little confused?

Hello everyone,

My mum was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer in March, which was later upgraded to stage 3. She has just finished a 5 week cycle of daily radiotherapy and weekly chemotherapy. The cancer has reduced in her cervix but the part in her vagina is still the same. It was in her lymph nodes too and I don't get know if it is still there.

My question is about brachytherapy..She has been told that this is the next step for her which is what we expected. I understand that treatment is different for everyone but I can't find any posts similar to what she is having.

They have told her she will receive her treatments over a 4 day period, and will need to lay almost flat for this entire 4 days. Has anyone else experienced this?

From what I am reading the treatments seem a little more spread out usually. Yes long like 17 hours but not 4 days? I'm sure this is quite standard but I would love to hear from someone who has experienced similar so I can prepare her for what to expect, reading this forum has helped us understand so much already.

Any other experiences or tips to prepare her would be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks! Smile

I had 4 days brachytherapy, 2 days at a time, but it depends if it’s high dose, low dose, the way they want to administer it must have benefits, they will make sure she is comfortable :) as much as they can. Xx

Thank you Charlene! I will make sure we ask the doctors some more questions about the type as it does seem that everyone's experience is quite unique. Fingers crossed it's not too hard! It's all for the best xx