Me again

I’m going for my first of 2 brachytherapy sessions on Wednesday.
I’ve got to be there 8am.
I will be having a general anaesthetic and they will insert the rods in the 15 mins that I am asleep. After that I will be lay on bed for between 14 and 19 hours during which time I will be intermittently blasted with radiation.
I’m just looking forward to getting it over and done with so I’m not really worried about it.

Most people seem to have more sessions but for shorter periods and can go home the same day.

I’m just wondering if anyone on here has had similar to what I’m having and want to share their experience of it.

I’m reassured that it’s not going to be too bad and after the rest of my treatment I do believe it.
I’m just interested to know as like I say, no one else seems to have had treatment like mine x

Hello again, I hope you are still feeling positive and please if you can keep us updated on this stage of your treatment!!

I am having brachy the same as you are. One long session then one shorter session around a week later. 

obviously not yet I start my chemo radio on Wednesday xx

Hi. Yes I am still feeling positive. Still get emotional but it's too be expected.  

How many chemo/radio sessions will you have? 

Mine was 4 weeks worth and far easier than I could ever hope for. I feel good today too (just over one week post chemoradiation ). I'm just fed up of toilet trips!!!! 

Good luck for Wednesday and the weeks that follow. I hope yours goes as well as mine x then hopefully we'll have a fantastic end result

I'd be very interested on any feedback regarding this too. I start my treatment on Monday 8/2 (25 ext Radio, 6 Chemo & 4 int Rad). I go in for bracy on a Thu at 8am where I'll be put under GA and the rods etc inserted, then I'll have a scan to make sure everything's in place then receive my blasts and then have to lie on my back until the next morning where I'll have another scan at 9am and another blast at 11 then go home later that day. I really don't know how my body will cole as I don't have a break at all between chemoradiation and brachy. After my first session I'll be back at hosp for my chemo/radio session on the Monday as normal and then have my 3rd and 4th bracy again on Thu/Fri. So my rods etc will be in place for around 30 hours on both weeks...has anyone heard of them being in for so long before?


I am 28 radio 5 chemo and 3 brachy. 

Thank you I just want to get it started to be honest. 

Glad you are still feeling good and I hope your bracyhy goes smoothly. Are you taking anyone with you? X

How strange that your having brachy for so long....

your body can cope you will feel like your at breaking point and you will want to give up but you will make it through its hard it's the hardest thing I've ever done. My treatment almost killed me because it made me so poorly but I'm still here.

i went back to work in January and I'm getting my self back to where I was before.....

dont worry it will be over soon and you'll think back and think wow! I really did that xx

Hi. No I haven't heard of that one, most people seem to have the braccy after the chemoradiation has finished but each hospital do it differently and then it's set to each individual persons needs.

Hi. No I'm driving myself there cos it's such an early start and at that time in the morning it'll take me over an hour to get there.  

No one can be with me because I'm in a lead lined room but tbh, I'm going to be watching tv, reading and playing candy crush! 

I've not taken anyone to any of my treatments x 

THe thought of still being around for my kids will see me through anything. 

What was your braccy regime carmel?  I've been told that this is the most effective part of the treatment so I'll glad lie down for so long. 

I think I've got so long because my chemoradiation was only 4 weeks as opposed to the 5 weeks that most people seem to have.  

Its just what my hospital does. 

I believe there's not as many side affect for the internal because it's targeted. I'm hopeful that I will be ok. Will let you know Thursday x 

Hi Philleepa, 


My first Brachytherepy was Friday and I have another two on wed and Thursday this treatment only took a matter of about 10 mins. It really wasn't painfull at all. i expect the worst thing for you will be having to lie flat out with applicators in for the length of your treatment. I'm staying over in hospital wed into Thursday this week as they keep the applicators in overnight. I know it won't be the most comfortable night but like you I'll be prepared !!! The brachy has made me very tired this weekend but I was told to expect that. I hope it all goes well for you this week. Let us all know how go ! Xxx 

Claire xxx 

Im also hoping to be able to drive myself, for the majority of treatments, got people coming with me on chemo day just for some company mainly. Im trying to be independant and not accepting help staright away. 

I wish you all the best for this last stage in your treatment xxx

My brachy was over 3 sessions I went in at 8am got taken down to have the rods in then had to lay still but I slept, then I was taken into have the brachy then they took the rods out straight after and I was home for about 4pm the same day xx

My brachy was over 3 sessions I went in at 8am got taken down to have the rods in then had to lay still but I slept, then I was taken into have the brachy then they took the rods out straight after and I was home for about 4pm the same day xx

Lozeypetz, your best asking for help now because the side effects just hit you there is no slight build up for it. The chemo also makes you exhausted no matter how ,I have or little you have, you won't ever feel as tired as you do with chemo it's horrible. Everything becomes a chore even going the toilet or bathing, have someone drive you don't try and drive yourself and have another person to help with things like shopping because you won't be able do it. 

My family were and still are over baring, not so much now but I was so grateful for their help because some days I couldn't get upstairs to go bed so I slept on the sofa for a week xx

I drove myself to all my treatments for the four weeks. I did have a back up plan though in case I didn't feel up to it. Radiotherapy is easy enough to gauge cos I felt the same when I cameout as I did when I went in. 

Chemo day might be different.  I've heard people feel bad straight away. Thankfully I was fine but it's worth having that back up plan x 


Thank you for the advice, i have a back up plan at the ready, my mum is coming to live with me while my husband is away at work. She will love to be able to help with the cooking and cleaning.

Thanks again xx

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow i will be thinking about you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx