Newly Diagnosed stage 2B

evening Ladies

Was diagnosed on 16th Jan, had MRI and CT scan to be then given my staging of stage 2B On 31st Jan, haven’t been given my treatment start date yet :/

i was wondering if someone who has been through treatment already could give me some advise, I’m having 6 chemo, 25 external radiotherapy and 4 brachy, I think I’m ok with the chemo and the external but really anxious about the internal! in a way I’m looking forward to it because I know it’s the end of my treatment but I’ve heard some horror stories and from what the oncologist said, it’s not nice :/ I’m kind of freaking out over it a little

many thanks for your time


Hi there! I was diagnosed 2b in October. 


I wrote a post 'Brachytherapy my experiences' last week. It really isn't that bad...check it out and if you want to message me please do




Hey dona

Hope you are well...I think every woman ere has dreaded the brachytherapy part I know I did and had bloody nightmares about it all through my treatment BUT honestly I didn't find it at all bad...I have read that differet people have it done differently. .I had mine done over 3 sessions..and went in as a day patient. .and home the same day..I didn't have any pain during or try not to panic too much. ..I know it's easier said than done at this point but u will be fine xx

I had brachytherapy And it’s honestly not so bad, I was admitted in the morning, general anaesthesi given, rods were inserted and packed into place to stay there for 24 hours, over night stay in hospital. Radiotherapy was administered and took all of a minute My type wasn’t pulse so it wasn’t a continual thing it was high dose brachytherapy. Over night with the rods in was a bit uncomfortable you obviously have a catheter in and they insert a tube at the other end to allow any wind to pass without you bearing down (sorry haha Just giving you all the info). Next morning radiotherapy administered again, given gas an air for the nurse to remove the packing and the rods. Wee bit lucozade and a biscuit and i was off. the second Time I was more uncomfortable I must admit, due to tenderness from the first round and didn’t sleep great but I wasn’t in pain just uncomfortable. try not to worry xxx