Blood Vessels on Cervix

Hi there,


I've come across this forum and would just like some advice/reassurance as I know the worst thing to do is to google the symptoms. Over the past 15 months I have not felt right at all down there, I have had multiple pregnancy scares (not really a scare but unexpected) with all the symptoms of pregnancy but constant negative tests. I have had 2 papsmears and multiple blood tests. It is starting to get more intense with my whole abdomen aching at times and then sharp intense pains for 5-10 minutes atleast once a day and now when ever I have sex with my partner I have starting profusely bleeding.

The last smear I got done about 2 weeks ago and she had a look at my cervix and said there are ruptured blood vessels on my cervix. I went to the doctor yesterday to get my results from the smear and another blood test (including pregnancy) and there was absolutely nothing that is showing up. The doctor is sending me to get an ultrasound and if nothing else turns up she said something about a dye test on my cervix.

Has anybody had this and had nothing come about it? I have been in and out of the doctors for well over a year and they can not tell me anything but I just do not feel right. Has anybody else experienced this and gone through the same thing? I have never ever had any problems with periods, they have always been a 28 day cycle to the day even without contraception so to go from that to having random bleeding, constant pains and missed periods I really do not know what to think.'


Thank you!