does anyone suffer with bleeding from the back passage? I’m frightened in hospital and scared! Everything is going though my head. I had a tuff time with brakki therapy it was awful . 


Im sorry to hear that you are having problems, are you in hospital for the bleeding? If so I hope they will sort it out / investigate for you, I have experienced slight blood loss after a bowel movement thought to be from bowel narrowing or adhesions post radiation which I was told is normal but if it continued should be investigated. Good luck x

I had this yes! 

your body has been through so much. I still check tissues all the time for blood! 

2 years later and I am well x 

Stay strong, you will get through this xx 

Me too I had and still have bottom bleeding ... I had a bowel cancer test and it was normal. Consultant says it’s radiation damage. I’m all clear for the 2nd year so it was all right after all. Hope this helps. X

me too, apparently its common and it scafer the bejeebers out of me!!

I've been having this i have what they call radiation colitis im useing sucralfate enemas to stop the bleeding i use one sucralfate enema 2 times a day they have help stop the bleeding maybe you may need to use these