Bleeding when shouldn’t be

I’ve never posted in a forum before but Im hoping to reach out for someone who may have an understanding of what I’m talking about (fingers crossed)

Back in June, following an abnormal smear and positive HPV, I had the LEEP procedure done. The results came back as CIN3 and I have another smear due in January.

Since then all has been well. However, the last three weeks I have had spotting after sex. This has been mainly brown in colour and has had what looks like tissue in it (sorry TMI). It’s been accompanied with tummy cramp and back ache. After sex on Friday this has now turned to bright red blood and has been on and off for three days. Not enough to fill a pad, just on toilet paper. Again with cramp, back ache, tiredness etc.

I don’t have periods as I’m on a pill that stops them.

I’ve been to the doctor and they are sending me for bloods and have put in an urgent two week referral for cervical specialists.

Has anyone had this at all? Where they have been through initial treatment but then something has come back?

Sorry for all of the questions!!!
Thank you for reading :slight_smile: