Bleeding, awaiting colposcopy, confused!

Hi all, 

About a month ago when having sex with my partner I bled quite a lot, and have experienced bleeding every time since. After the second time I went straight to the doctor, I was lucky to get an appointment the same day. She took swabs for thrush, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea which were all clear. She referred me for a colposcopy and said I should be seen within 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I received a letter from the hospital to state all appointments were postponed for at least 3 months due to covid. So I booked a private appointment. 

I saw a gynaecologist 4 days later (10th Feb) who examined me (not colposcopy, just had a look) no polyps, no abrasions. He said I don't have cervical cancer! Now that of course made me feel better BUT... first of all, can they see it? Can he tell just by looking? Next thing he says I will have a colposcopy and a scan on my womb, and that he would refer it back through the nhs and with him doing it meant it would be quicker than the previously mentioned 3 months, around 4-6 weeks he said. I received the appointment which is on 24th Feb, exactly 2 weeks since I saw him. 

He put my mind at rest telling me I don't have cervical cancer but I've been Googling like mad (as I'm sure everyone does) and by process of emilination- I'm not pregnant, I'm not on the pill (partner had a vasectomy) the only thing left that explains the excessive bleeding and pain during sex is cervical cancer. I'm freaking out!! 
If he was so sure then why am I having a colposcopy? Why do I have an appointment so quickly? And also my letter says I can bring someone with me, whereas the private appointment I wasn't allowed to. 

Has anyone experienced similar? Any advice or words of wisdom. Please don't say "I'm sure all will be fine" unless you honestly think it will be, I need honest answers to get my head straight. I must add I've always kept up to date with smears, I'm 39 and never missed one, they've always been clear and my last one was about 2 and a half years ago. 

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading xx

Hi Donna, 


I'll start by saying I'm not medically trained. But from my own research you can see cancerous cells on the cervix. My CIN III cells were blatantly obvious when the consultant had a look at my cervix and when I saw my cervix on camera I could see them too. 


My letter said I could bring someone with me, but then later on, on the back of the letter said that due to covid you aren't allowed to bring anyone. I think they're just still sending out the generic letters. 


Have you had a smear? You can also buy private home test kits xx

Thank you so much for replying to me. That's reassuring to know, thank you. Perhaps colposcopy is being done just in case, to make absolutely sure? Or looking for something I've not even come across? The amount I'm bleeding during sex is certainly not normal. Just have to wait until Wednesday and see what they say. The waiting and not knowing seems the hardest part! It feels like forever. Oh and it makes sense a generic letter could be sent out, I'll give them a call tomorrow and double check. Thank you again x

Hi I would say the colposcopy would probably be to double check everything, I'm no professional either though.. You are actually lucky I think to be getting one, I too experience bleeding after sex, pain during sex and many other symptoms and all I got was a scan, which I was confused about. So take this as a good thing, that all messures have been taken to ensure you that the doctors are correct.. If after this doctors are still certain that all is Ok then you can relax.. Xx

Thank you. I feel lucky after being told initially it would be a 3 month wait. I'm sat in the hospital waiting room now, nervous as hell!! x 

Hi I've just joined as I've been having bleeding after sex for 18 months now snd had scans and only now after pushing have I been offered a colposcopy but they say as my smear was fine and the gynaecologist doesn't think I'm urgent then it's going to be 2-3 months. 
I've been so upset as my bleeding lasts for over a week each time (mostly dark okd blood after the initial gush of Red) and then my period comes into the mix so I feel like I'm bleeding all the time! 
it's so frustrating as I said to my husband, if your penis bled every time we had sex you would be seen immediately! 
I did have a cauterisation done in Oct last year which stopped it happening for one month but then it's started again. 
I'm so pleased you've been seen and really keen to hear what they say. Good luck xx

Hi, I'm keen to hear how you got on as i've had exact same symptoms and concerns. I've just receievd my letter for the Colposcopy which is 6 weeks away and i'm bleeding every day. I first had a major bleed after sex in Oct 19 that lasted on and off for 8 weeks. I was referred to A&E the first time as teh bleed was so heavy, scan on ovaries etc revealed all fine and coil in place correctly too so no explanation and referred to Endometriosis clinic! This i found pointless and opted out of the Laparoscopy as i was due to get married in April and didn't want the bloated gas or possible after effects of surgery to affect my wedding. Anyway Covid then happened and my bleeding continued after sex untill i finally had a cauterisation done in Oct 20. Unfortuately this seemed to only last a month if that as i then started bleeding after sex again and had alot of blood every time. Each bleed lasts for over a week but this time i've now been bleeding for 14 days and it's gone from (sorry to be graphic) but brown sludge to fresh blood. I don't know what's my period and what's not anymore in my cycle, ive got lower back/pelvic ache constantly and wake in the night bloated.

It's awful that it's gone on this long! I said to my fiance if your penis was bleeding after sex somethin would be done immediately! I'm so frustrated as i know it's probably a small chance of anything sinister as my smears have always been clear and the gynae doctor didn't think it was anything more than the Ectropian but I can't understand why I have to wait all this time. If they don't think it's cancer thats fine but why can't they just see me sooner to have something more done to stop the bleeding it's so unfair!

Anyway woudl love to hear how you have got on and what they have suggested? Hope you're ok. xx

Hi Sarah, did you get to the root of the issue? I’ve had very similar symptoms and just wanted to commiserate Xx Hope you’re well.

Hi Donna, how did it go? I hope you’re OK Xx