Advice please.

I am currently waiting for an appointment for a colposcopy.

I am 23 and last week I went to the doctors I have been bleeding after sex quite often for a couple of years. I get very intense pain after sex too and find it hard to even move or sit down properly for a while afterward’s. The bleeding is sometimes light and only when I wipe and a bit on my partner too just recently it’s got alot more and is bright red.

I have just missed a period I’m 3 and a half weeks late but usually I am very regular every 28days. I am definitely not pregnant. The last few periods I have started spotting a few days before my period started. I’m unsure if this is anything to do with anything but you never know.

I have been needing a wee so much more over the last few months and when I do wee it feels like I really have to put pressure on just to make myself wee even when I am bursting!

Iv been so tired even after a full nights sleep and had very bad lower backache.

The doctor did a pelvic exam two times. They have seen something they think maybe cervical erosion however because my symptoms have been going on for so long they want it checked out she said as the cervical erosion should of gone on its own?

The doctor told me she will refer me for a Colposcopy and that I must go as it’s suspected cancer. And would be seen within two weeks.
I don’t really have anyone to talk to about all of this everyone just tells me it will be nothing to worry about. But it’s not that simple when you have two children and are told it’s suspected cancer…

Hi Clare,

did your doctor take a look at your cervix and do an examination herself? I think it's wrong that she's said to you it's "suspected cancer" when she doesn't know What it is. There are a range of other things that could be going on, those symptoms may be those of cervical cancer but they are also symptoms for other things too. You could have a polyp? Or another condition that is not cancer such as endometriosis. Have you done a urine test in regards to needing the toilet? You could have a urine infection. You may be late on your period due to stress and worry. My friend had constant bleeding for over a year and then went through another 6 months of irregular bleeding and she is fine! 

I know it's hard to do but you need to try to not worry. They will talk you through everything at the colposcopy and are usually able to give you some reassurance about what they see. It's good that they have referred you because at least things are being investigated. 

I had my first smear last year and my results came back low grade cell changes which I had to have biopsies for and treatment. I was so scared but the doctor that did the colposcopy was so reassuring! I have just been back for my follow up 6 month smear and I have now got high grade changes and I am due to go back to colposcopy Tuesday. Although I am really scared I am trying to stay positive that once I get into see the doctor he will be reassuring. 


Thank you for the reply.

Yes she did the pelvic exam herself and had a look and felt around too.

I know my mum said they definitely shouldn't say it like that but apparently some people don't always go to the appointment they get and delay it for silly reasons so according to the doctors ( I did ring and ask why it was said so bluntly) and they said that people who would ring the appointment line to rebook would then be told you do know you are on a suspected cancer pathway appointment?  Then the patients would be angry that the doctor hadn't informed them of this. So I kinda get it but it had me worrying as the first appointment I had the day before he had said a number of times they were symptoms of cervical cancer. And had a look his self but said he couldnt see everything he wanted to and asked another doctor to do it the next day. Then this one is the one that has referred me.

I just worry that if it is something serious I have had the symptoms for a couple of years.

I have done urine tests and everything is fine with that so I wasn't sure if that bit was relevant but I really don't know much about what are symptoms or not that's why I came to this group.


I hope your appointment on Tuesday goes well too! 

Have you ever had tests for endometriosis? Your symptoms also fit with that diagnosis too. when is your appointment? X

Hi ladies xxx

Lauren hope your tests and procdure goes ok xxx Claire your doctor should not have caused you panic or stress it's not fair and not professional.  

You may get a call from the hospital to arrange your appointment as your referral is a 2 week cancer referral  that doesn't mean you have cancer they did the same with my mum, it is the NHS policy to do so 

I was refused a smear test last year granted I was early for it by accident. But I know have a history of this and she refused to take it. Any how I had mine in February and mine came back high grade I had one procdure and waiting to have my next in two weeks. I was so scared and shocked when I got my first letter with high server and the hospital nurse was amazing they can answer a lot whilst your there.  I was so scared and to be honest still use my grades came back CN1 and CN2 and I worry about what will come back after the other treatment.  It didn't help last Saturday I got a stupid letter no results but a you need to come in and see the consuktant after two days Jo sleep crying turns out I was just the date for my procdure all weekend I cried I have to say this site is amazing and the support you get from the other ladies is  Fantastic it is worrying and when you have children everything goes through your mind. This site is amazing have a look and see on here and I wish you all the best and will be checking on you xxxxxx 



No I haven't been tested for that? 

And I received a missed call yesterday when I was taking my children to school I phones the main number back and it was for an appointment for this morning but it had gone by the time I had got through to them

So I have kept my phone on loud and keeping it by. I thought I'd of just got an appointment through the post but obviously it will be the phone call one. 

The only thin is due to missing my period I don't actually know when I will next have one so I hope this won't make a difference when I do get an appointment if my period does come?

That sounds awful I hope everything goes ok sallieann43.

I am a worrier too. I have found jos website really helpful just seeing I'm not alone at wondering these things and what people go through and are so strong amazes me. I felt silly posting at first as I don't actually know what is going on with me. All I know is what the doctors have said.

I'm just looking forward to having my appointment whenever that is and getting some information on what's going on with me.

I have my appointment tomorrow morning!

I haven't had the Colposcopy today I just had another pelvic exam and a pre op. They are going to do a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy operation and take an endometrial biopsy just have to wait for an appointment . They are sending me an appointment for a Colposcopy and will do a biopsy then too and sending me an appointment for a scan aswell

How are you feeling now? 

I also had my appointment today - they are going to remove the cells this time. Still not sure what CIN they are but he told me not to worry and he will do the procedure once I'm back off holiday


I'm quite nervous I have my operation on Tuesday  (18th april) for the  laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. It's all happening so quick which is a good thing I just wasnt expecting it quite so soon really.. that's good that they will remove them now, when will you know which cin they are? I hope you have a good holiday and as hard as it is try to enjoy it without worrying at least it's getting sorted now and fingers crossed it all goes to plan for you! Xx