bleeding after punch biopsy

Hi Ladies,

I had my colposcopy on Monday and they performed a punch biopsy.

I havent had any bleeding until today, I went to the toilet this morning and noticed there was what looked like a black lump in the toilet, which I have read on my sheet this could be called a plug.

I have been to the toilet again this afternoon and I am bleeding bright red blood, is this normal, and has this happened to anyone else?



I think it is normal hun, I went for mine on the 22 jan i was bleeding for 3 days after also clots then it stopped for a few days and started again I am pretty sure its normal try not to worry xxx


Hiya :)

yeh it's completely normal I had no spotting or anything after my biopsys but on the 3rd day I noticed something come away (gross) then I had slight bleeding...dont worry :) xx

Thank you both :) xx

Hi Sarah I had my ounch biopsy the day after you. Did they also tell you the results would take 4 weeks to come back?


i honestly think this waiting is the worst part!! 


Hi Sarah,

I had a big bleed about 3 days after punch biopsoes....totally wasn't expecting it and I was so scared! Rest assured it's normal and will settle down xx

I’m here because I’m going through this too! Had my punch biopsy yesterday and have started bleeding like I am having a period today. It’s quite worrying isn’t it?! I feel faint because I know this relates to an injury! Why doesn’t there seem to be ANY advice about this on the nhs pages? Google searches just bring me here!