Bleeding after 6 monthly smear, CIN 3 follow up.

Will try to give a short background to my question.

First smear age 25 required colposcopy and biopsy, CIN 1 and HPV so had LLETZ

6 month follow up still CIN 1 but specialist happy to leave

Routine Smear age 29 required colposcopy and biospy, CIN 2 and HPV so had further LLETZ

6 month follow up CIN 1

further 6 month follow up required colposcopy and biopsy, CIN 3 and have had LLETZ again (been told that was my last LLETZ i could have due to cervix length)

6 month follow up was delayed due to pregnancy and unfortunately miscarriage

Had 6 month follow this morning and bleeding like a period (but definatelt isnt period). Ive never bled after a smear, is there anything to be concerned of? im trying to be positive and hoping that other symtpoms ive been experiencing are more in my head than anything to be concerned of (frequent heavy water like discharge, discomfort and spotting after sex).

If anyone has any words of advice or general chitchat on the subject id love to hear from you

Merry Christmas