Bleeding after smear - previous CIN3 & LLETZ

6 months ago (Jan) I tested positive for HPV and had CIN3 which was treated with LLETZ. April I had a small mass & a polyp removed from my uterus. Mass turned out to be foetal remains (bones) from a bad miscarriage I had 3 years earlier (had 2 healthy babies since). At the same time I had a more a coil fitted.

Anyway after that procedure I felt so much better a lot of my symptoms had improved and I thought this could all get put behind me. But my 6 month recheck/smear was booked in which I had 9 days ago. I’ve been bleeding ever since. There’s a possibility it could be a period but I hadn’t had any periods since coil was inserted in April. Previously my periods when I did have them would have been 3 days max 5 days. The nurse at the time of my smear commented on how big my cervix was and do I know that? Had anyone ever told me that? No one had ever mentioned this before and I’ve had a lot of doctors down there, scans and procedures done in last 3 years.
Anyway I’m waiting on my results from smear but now it’s got me a little worried - has anyone else ever had this before? Could this just be the Coil still settling in? Only been 3 months since it’s been fitted? Any advice thoughts would be appreciated? Shall I call the doctor next week to discuss length of bleeding ?
I just have an awful gut feeling about this that I can’t shake. I’m not sure if it’s because I just lost my dog to cancer too and I had same feeling about him too. Sounds crazy but I have this weird thing where I know some people or animals (more so with animals) have cancer before they’ve even been diagnosed