Bleeding following smear

Hi There,

I am worrying a little bit since my routine smear test on Monday. (I had a colposcopy last year and a lletz-had 6 month check up at gynecology clinic in October and was all clear).
At this smear test I bled on contact and this morning I have spotting. I have never had spotting outside my period before. I’m worried too as I have been having pelvic pain on and off for the last few months so I am worried that the abnormal cells have returned or that it’s something worse!

I am an anxious person anyway but I just feel like there is something not quite right. Is it normal to have spotting 3 days after a smear? Is it likely that 6 months after a clear smear following lletz that the abnormal cells will have returned?

My Granny and Auntie both had ovarian cancer also so I feel really sick and worried :frowning:

If anyone can offer any advice I’d appreciate it. Many Thanks

First Cervical Screening Test 12th April, 2016. Abnormal cells found.

Colposcopy one week later (April 2016) CIN3 cells found. Large loop excision performed and biopsy. Biopsy clear.

Cervical Smear test 6 months later at hospital (October, 2016) abnormal cells NOT returned and test clear. Discharged from hospital and passed on to my drs surgery.

Routine smear test Monday 10th April, 2017 (3 days ago) bled on contact.

Hi polkadot

 I hear that bleeding during a smear is common and does not mean that there is anything wrong. I bled during my smear back in march and the nurse said it is very common, the brush they use is harsh can scratch the delicate cervix (like toothbrush bristles). 

I also bled a couple of days after the smear like dark blood/spotting. I guess if the cervix has been irritated it can continue for a while and will take a while for all the blood to pass through. I was worried about this too as I bled after my previous smear when I had CIN 1 abnormalities, but I know people who have bled and their results are normal so try not to worry!

good luck! it is an anxious time waiting for results but I hope all will be fine for you