Bit Confused and worried?

Im new on here but thought Id ask for advice as I feel really let down by my GP and confused what to do.


I'm 21 years old and had my first smear test in November 2012. In late December, following a bout of illnesses including colds and cystitis, I woke up one morning feeling quite ill and noticed I was bleeding down below (It was not time for my period) this continued for several weeks and I realised it was too heavy to be put down to cystitis and realised it was vaginal bleeding. Also in late December i got my smear results which showed mild dyskaryosis. Although the inter-menstrual bleeding became much lighter and eventually went away, I bled after everytime I had sex and missed my period that month. I also developed increased amount of yellowy smelly discharge.


The ill feeling returned one morning in January accompanied by heavier bleeding (although this only lasted a couple of days). Naturally I was worried, so consulted my doctor. He advised me to take a pregnancy test and get tested for all STI's.. everything came back negative. My GP then decided he needed to do an internal examination on me (but did not use a speculum) which he found statisfactory and told me he was happy but if I was still concerned, to go to my local GUM clinic.


Well, it is near impossible to get a doctors appointment at the local GUM clinic and as my exams were looming and my symptoms eased slightly, I decided to leave it and wait and see what my repeat smear test would show. Although it was always at the back of my mind and have worried ever since and it has had a real impact on my ability to want to be intimate with my boyfriend.


In early June, I had my repeat smear test. Following this, I missed a period this month as well, but took a pregnancy test on the final day that my period should have come; this was negative but I have not taken one since. I returned to my doctor today for a repeat contraceptive prescription and asked for the results for the repeat smear which came back as severe dyskaryosis, he just said to come back in 6 months! The last 6 months have been agonising waiting and hoping for a clear result, now this is worse than the last, I am still bleeding after sex and he says to just come back in December? According to the National guidelines I should have a gynae referral for my symptoms alone if they persist after 2 months?!


Feeling a bit stuck and worried! Can any of you offer me advice? x

Hi love, firstly I just wanted to say sorry! Your GP sounds rubbish! And it doesnt sound like you've had adequate follow up from your NHS trust either. 

When you received your 2nd smear results was it in a letter from your cervical screening programme? Or was it just verbally from the doctor? If you got a letter there should be a number on there for the colposcopy clinic you can call to get an appointment - they might be expecting you but if not just explain what's happened - there's reference numbers and stuff all over the place so they should be able to track you or point you in the right direction. If they say go back to your GP I'd maybe suggest a different doctor or speaking with a nurse? 

You could also try contacting the cervical screening programme in your area directly (for example my letters come from the West Yorkshire Cervical Services Programme/West Yorkshire Cervical Screening Programme). I know you shouldn't have to make all the moves yourself but in this case it might be better and it'll put your mind at ease that the right thing is happening too x x 


You need to see a different doctor - if your smear came back as severe dyskariosis then you should have had immediate referral to the colposcopy clinic and it should not be left six months. Leaving six months and then checking again is only for borderline or mild abnormalities. If your result has come back as severe dyskariosis then it's possible that you've got CIN3, which is easily treatable with a loop/LLETZ, but you need to be referred for a colposcopy for this to be carried out.

Guidelines say you should be referred for colposcopy if you've got the persistent symptoms that you've had in the absence of infection. Guidelines say that you should be referred for colposcopy if your smear comes back as severe dyskariosis. You've got both of these, so you are doubly due to be referred!! Go and see another doctor and be pushy. 

Good luck and let us know how you get on. 

Annabel. x

Thankyou both for the advice.

I have not received a letter from the screening programme unfortunately, it has been 41/2 weeks since the smear and the nurse told me i should receive it in 2-4 weeks but the GP surgery have received the report. My GP did not even tell me exactly what the report said just said 'there are changes'- despite the fact he knows I am a medical student! It is only because I could make out from the screen the words 'severe dyskaryosis' i was alarmed and encouraged to do something about this. If it is cancer i just want the treatment asap to have the best outlook possible, especially as I really want a family. Waiting 6 months is not good enough! I am really frustrated with him he just didnt want to give me the time of day, I had 5 minutes with him despite the fact i looked distressed, and I had to specifically ask for the results he did not even offer then to me before I brought it up! He thinks its just all down to cervical warts because me and my partner have a history of them, but its not right to put my health at risk on a hunch!

I am going to go back down there with my boyfriend tomorrow (as i can be a bit of a push over sometimes) and try to convince him to refer me! Ive also emailed the lead gum consultant asking if she can book me in directly if my gp is no use but no reply yet! NHS direct say I need to be referred by a doctor, but I think Ill contact the screening programme especially since they havent informed me personally.

I will let you know how I get on tomorrow, thankyou so much for the advice and support x

Just spoke to a lovely lady at the screening programme who told me i should receive my letter on Friday and that the GP surgery often receives the report before they do. Im not sure whether to bother going to the doctors again tomorrow or just wait for the letter and take it from there.

I'm glad you've got some answers :) You've definitely done the right thing persuing this (even though you shouldn't have to!) At the very least your GP should have told you when to expect your letter and advised you on what would happen next - not just fob you off with '6 months' I would definitely change GP's and consider making some sort of complaint to the practice manager or lead GP there. x x x 


Hi you need to give your doctor a good kick up backside hun, I to recently had asmear showing severve abnormalities and my doctor was great as I was stressing alot as my mam carries brca gene they hadme in for tests within two weeks and im now currently waiting for results, keep pushing with doc you know your own body till you get seen to x take care 


SMear test  severe abnormalities 

Colposocooy and loop biopsy a week ago

Currently waiting results scary 

Thanks for your help ladies,

I received my letter yesterday which said I would receive a letter from the colp services in the next few weeks with my appointment date which was a relief for me.

The GUM doctor I emailed also said she would see me next week. I dont want to be a time waster but Im thinking maybe I should see her anyway since no doctor has taken my symptoms seriously, and the impression I get from a lot of the posts on this forum is that its an in and out formality with little consultation and advice given?

I am also looking into changing GP's as I have lost confidence in my current doctor so I would not want him looking after my future health issues.

Just looking forward to having the colp and results now (if theyre not the dreaded cancer news) so this stress can be over with! 

I am starting to realise why theyve raised the age to 25 in Wales due to harm v benefit, as an abnormal smear does seem to cause a degree of emotional trauma for most ladies! They argue that in the 20-24's smears arent appropriate but symptom recognition is. However, in my experience doctors arent recognising symptoms sufficiently! Gynae problems still seem to be neglected under the 'everyone is different.. there's no normal' ignorant assumptions.