Biopsy results

Hi everyone,

im really confused with my results and im wondering if is anybody that experience the same.

So last March i had a smear ,results came back as Borderline changes(CIN1)  and High risk HPV positive. I was reffered for colposcopy and biopsy. Colposcopy results:CIN1, Biopsy results CIN2. 

They decide to wait and watch at the moment, so they book me for another colposcopy-biopsy this January.

Results came back exactly the same: Smear: CIN1, Colposcopy CIN1, Biopsy CIN2. 

As i moved out of UK just few days after the colposcopy i got my results by e-mail and ive been told to book a Lletz treatment with a doctor in my area. I had a colposcopy done again with the same results as before CIN1.

The doctor told me that from what he can see during the colposcopy, the biopsy results is a surpise for him, but we have to go with the biopsy results. (the same that i ve been told by colposcopy teams in UK). 

So i had Lletz treatment done this Monday.

Results from the biopsy came back today:CIN1 !!

So im really confused about what happened. Any ideas?

*The gap between last two biopsies is just 25 days!

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!





Perhaps you only had a very small area of CINII that was removed with the biopsy? Perhaps the biopsy started the healing process and the cells had begun to regress? 

Regardless you can be confident in the LEEP results and you are now free of abnormal cells! That's great news xx

Thanks for your reply! That make sense! Thanks again!