Results not making sense

hello all,

I am 26y/o have been having smears since 22y/o. My first smear result was CIN2 and I was referred to have a colposcopy. A biopsy was taken and the results came back as CIN 1. My second smear came back 6 months later with a result of CIN1 but with a positive HPV result and I went for my second colposcopy. A second biopsy was taken and again I got a result of CIN1. My third smear result was stated negative on the letter but with HPV again present and I proceeded to have a third colposcopy today. It was very scary as the doctor said as she was carrying out the procedure that i have CIN3 and that she thinks my smears and biopsys have been wrong! She then decided to perform the lletz Procedure then and there. I am very shook up and I'm wondering can anyone shed any light on this or has had any similar experience. Thank you x

I don't know about every aspect of this but I can just generally say that 1. its great that your doctor was decisive. Waiting for results and procedures etc can be very upsetting when you think you MIGHT or know you have high grade changes 2. They will tell you more in a few weeks when your results come back. Usually the tissue removed during LLetz and LEEP is sent for further analysis. They can usually tell you more then. Hang in there!