Biopsy Results CIN2 - watch and wait ?

Hello ladies,


I got my biopsy results today - CIN2  :( 

i am extremely upset and have spent most  of the day crying. my doctor said she was very suprised and only expected a CIN1 result. 

My doctor said i have two options 1. to go ahead with LLETZ treatment or 2. watch and wait approach (due to my age, no children and non smoker)


I am not sure what to do, i was going to start trying for a baby this year as the side effect or LLETZ with pregnancy really scare me.

Wondering if any of you waited after a CIN2 result and what was the outcome? Did the cells improve or get worse ? 

I am really scared if i leave it i will get cancer, but i want to have children asap and then have treatment once i have had kids if needed.


Advice needed, going out of my mind 





My sister had Lletz after her first child and has since been on to have two more kids. Think the main risk is early delivery but they can pop a stich in to reduce risk.

They do normally like to treat cin2 as they are less likely to revert back to normal. But cin2 also doesn't mean that it will turn to cancer either,just increased chance. I would speak to them and see what they recommend x

If it were me I would want them removed. I had mild changes at colposcopy and 6 months later severe which when removed with lletz they found cancerous cells. Sorry don't want to worry you because what happened to me is very unusual but I would want those bad cells gone. I know people that have only had one lletz and their pregnancies after were fine but they will monitor you anyway. I've now had 3 lletz so wish I'd just had it removed straight away x

I too was told CIN 2 after my colposcopy biopsies were taken. I was given the option to do "wait and see", (30 years old at the time, non smoker, VERY healthy), but I decided to have them treated. I just wanted them gone. 

After my LLETZ pathology results, I was told the results were CIN 3!! I was so relieved I didn't just wait and see. 

I'm certainly not saying this to scare you, but I'm just telling you my experience...chances are, you have CIN 2 but sometimes the LLETZ pathology results DO come back different as they remove the entire affected area (biopsy is just one small punch)  so that's something to keep in mind. And many women go on to have healthy, normal pregnancies after a LLETZ procedure. 

Hi I had my cin2 removed as we wanted to start trying to conceive soon. Luckily I was told that the affected removed area was very small and that it would likely not increase my chance of a miscarriage 

Hi :)

I'm in a similar position to you, I was told that mine also looked like CIN1 but my biopsy came back CIN2. I wasn't given the option to wait and see and was sent an appointment for LLETZ. I rang up and said I want to wait after reading you have a good chance to clear it naturally especially if you are under 30. I'm going for my check up at the end of March, fingers crossed it will have regressed.

Please let me know how you go! I feel lletz is very invasive and only should be done if really needed! That's just me though 

That's exactly how I feel. I've decided to give my body 2 years to clear the HPV and hopefully let the cells go back to normal. If it progresses or doesn't clear I'll have the treatment. I'll let you know how I get on.

Hi ladies

I'm in the same position colposcopy she thought cin1 maybe 2, biopsy cin2. I've taken the decison to go back in 6 months as I just feel lletz is too invasive and I'd like to give my body a chance. I was really disappointed with the blasé approach they had to lletz and the lack information and choice I was presented with. Can't help but think that men would be treated differently. ☹

Fingers crossed to all of you for positive outcomes xxx

Hi :) just been for my 6month follow up. They took a smear and put the solutions on and said there wasn't any areas that looked bad so didn't take biopsies so that's good. The only thing he said was that it looked a little inflamed. Just need to wait for smear results to see what happens next.