Back pain and abdomenpain pain after biopsy

Hi all,

I had my colposcopy appointment and they took 2 biopsies, I have been bleeding ever since which is 10 days now. Not severe but always bright red. I have also been getting horrendous back pain and some abdominal pain. Is this all normal??
They said I have CIN3 at the colposcopy and would need to remove the cells within 2 weeks. So I’m still waiting on my appointment and results.

Hi Hun, 

I also had my colposcopy last Tuesday, I had a bit of lower back pain and low abdominal ache but this seems to come and go, I also had two biopsies taken but have only bled a small amount and now have nothing, might be worth just going to get checked that no infection has occured.

I am also waiting my appointment to have my CIN3 cells removed under general and results from biopsies.

Thinking of you xxx


18th Jan - Smear Test

30th Jan - High Grade Dyskaryosis

7th Feb - Colposcopy - 2 biopsies taken - awaiting removal of cells under GA and results