4 weeks after colposcopy


This is my first post here, hopefully someone can put my mind at rest. I'm 25 and had a smear back in January (I'd had one when I was 19 which was fine) and my results 2 weeks later showerd high grade dyskaryosis.  I went for a colposcopy on March 4th and had loop excision treatment plus a biopsy.  The results from the biopsy show CIN3 and I need to go back in September for another smear. I take it that because I had the treatment,  all the abnormal cells should hopefully be removed so when I go for my smear in September I could get a normal result?

Also, I recovered quite well from the treatment,  not too much bleeding. I actually felt well enough to have sex with my husband again 5 days before the recommended 4 weeks waiting time, and it didn't hurt and I had no bleeding afterwards. The only thing now is that yesterday I've had some back pain and light bleeding, but I don't know if this is colposcopy related or if it's more likely to be because I am taking my 3rd pack of the pill back to back (the second pack I took back to back because I was due my period the week of my colposcopy and this third pack I have taken because I wouldn't have been able to wear tampons yet as I was due my period before the 4 week recommended waiting time). I'm thinking the bleeding and back pain is more likely to be because of the pill and because I haven't had a break in a while, but it's just worrying because of my recent results and because unusual bleeding and back pain could be a symptom of cancer? But as I mentioned before, hopefully all my abnormal cells will have been removed?

Apologies for the long message, hopefully someone can help me, not sure who to ask for advice, especially on a bank holiday weekend! 


Christina x

Hi Christina. I'm sure if you had cancer or if their was even a tiny possibility you did, they would not wait until September to examine you again.

Maybe even though you felt ready, you had intercourse too early and irritated your cervix?
After my colposcopy and after my lletz I have had weird spotting/discharge/pain but I think it's normal really. Again, they wouldn't take any risks regarding cancer and if you had a colposcopy, a lletz and lletz results, I'm sure they've removed any CIN.
But if you are really worried, why not call your colposcopy clinic  or GP on Tuesday to put your mind at rest? Don't let it ruin your Easter. Take care x

Hi Alizee,

Thanks for your reply. I agree, I think if cancer was detected at all then I'd be seen before September.  I guess it's just worrying and annoying more than anything. I had my daughter 6 months ago (I also have a 7 year old son) and after recovering from child birth and then having this to deal with too, I feel like I just want my body back! But of course this is better than a different outcome.

It's hard when you don't know anyone else going through or been through similar, as even the smallest thing can be worrying and there's no-one to talk through it with. 

I've almost finished this pack of the pill and then I will be having my 7 day break, so I will just monitor how things go but will not worry for the time being.

Thanks for taking the time to reply,

Have a lovely easte,