Awful Periods after Lletz

I had my lletz May, the middle of June I had the worst period of my life - the pain was so bad I quite literally fell to the floor as it was such a shock and hurt so bad, I was extremely heavy bleeding too but I just assumed it was because it was my first period after the procedure.
Anyway today I’ve come on my next period and oh my god, I’ve never felt pain like it it’s almost like I can literally feel where I assume my ovaries are such pain and ache. My entire lower abdomen hurts as does my lower back. I already feel so nauseous and faint too, I feel a little worried as before the lletz I never had a problem with my periods but if they’re all going to be like this I don’t know how I’ll cope it’s literally bringing me to tears :sob: and I feel like I can’t even stand up! has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Thanks xx

I’ve just had the same experience as you described above, this is the second period and it’s killing me.
Please tell me it stops

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I’ve had this due to stenosis following lletz. Try ringing the clinic and asking to be seen again. You shouldn’t have to put up with the pain. X

Hi! The pain did go, it was just my first two periods that quite literally swept me off my feet with pain. After that they went back to normal I guess my body just needed time to heal properly. Hope you’re okay and if the pain gets unbearable please tell your dr as they’ll be able to give you stronger pain killers/check there’s nothing else going on xxx

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