Period pains after LLETZ

I had my LLETZ 6weeks ago , this is my 2nd period and both time I have Been in agony. I have never suffered with bad period pains so I'm a little worried. Is this natural?


Hey Hun, I can't help you that much but I can say that I had my lletz on Thursday and I stared my period on Sunday. The lletz itself I was really happy with, only had few cramps that day. But this period is leaving me in so much pain that doesn't seem to ease no matter what I take, so so tired and drained. Hope my next one isn't like this. Point being is that I was looking it up and alot of ladies said they had weirder periods after lletz. It probably upsets your normal cycle. If your next one is bad though I would go speak to your gp. Your 6 weeks in so maybe your not fully healed yet. You should be healed and fine by your next Period. Good luck and hope you are better soon xxx

Hello I have got my lletz procedure tomorrow and im really worried especially about the after bits :( xx 

gem_gem i have got polistic ovaries and is currently on metformin...i have my lletz procedure periods are so 

irregular i havent had one since january and time before that september xx

Hi Nickie im in a similar boat my lletz was back in january and around period time im getting cramps and pains (not normal for me) too.

Hi CB11 try not to worry about the LLETZ I got myself in a real state before going in and in fact it was over before i knew it (less than 20 mins thats including having a chat before hand, dressing and undressing etc) the doctor and nurses talked to me throughout - just explain your nervous and im sure they will give you a little extra support - good luck!! x

I have regular periods and have done for the last 13 years so I was shocked when then said I had PCO. Iv got doctors on the 8th to discuss the scan so il see what she says about treatments etc. As for the lletz honestly just like the lady above said I did the same I was scared to go, yet after, I even laughed in the recovery room thingy, I giggled with the nurse and said "was that it" lol so honestly you will be fine. I'm a wimp and I was fine you don't feel a thing. Take a scarf and lay it over your face it helped me ;) good luck hunny xxx