My 1st period after LLETZ

Hello! Posted on here a while ago after I had LLETZ. thankfully they have managed to get the abnormal cells and I seem to be (mostly) back to normal. I was just wondering what everyone’s first period was like after the procedure? I’m currently late (not pregnant) and just wondering if this is normal? I’ve heard the first one is quite heavy and painful, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Hi @Char92 I’m 3 weeks after lletz now. I was told my period could be early or late, but to expect heavy bleeding around 10 days after, which i did get, but my period was due that week anyway so kinda worked out for me there. My periods are always heavy so was no different there but the pains were alot sharper than usual cramps. Oh and just to warn you incase it hasn’t happened yet, you may pass a weird looking clot that looks like gauze or greyish tissue, and it can come with some quite sharp cramps too. Luckily I had spoken to my GP a few days before hand and he warned me about it or I might have freaked out a bit lol. The after treatment leaflet I got didn’t give much information at all,it just said heavy bleeding and clots, not that the clots would look wierd and a bit disgusting lol. But apparently a good sign that it’s healing well.

Thank you @Andrea138, maybe my period was hidden between the bleeding as I was bleeding for about 2 and a half 3 weeks…just had my usual tell-tale signs end of last/this week and nothing happened which is a bit odd. (Lower back ache, mouth spot, other half tells me I’m being short with him haha)

In regards to a clot I don’t think I saw something like that come out…I think the nurse said they didn’t use one as they didn’t have to go too deep to take the cells…guess I’ll just wait it out and see.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Theres a great facebook group for lletz i wish i found it soon after i had mine