Awaiting results

Hi all! New here. 


I have read a lot on these forums these last few weeks whilst being slightly paranoid about my health! 


I first went to GP in october due to post-coital bleeding and bleeding following defecation, also just bloody discharge for no reason! 

GP found large erosion on Cervix tested for STI's etc. She then referred me for colposcopy! I then got a letter from the colposcopy clinic to say it wasn't necessary and needed to just attend an outpatient appointment over a month later. 

So i attended on 28th November 2017 where she found said erosion and said i needed colposcopy clinic - usually 6-8 weeks. 

i had colposcopy on 6th December 2017.  Nurse said that it was a medium ectropian and not too much to worry about. She then said she had to check for abnormal cells with the various liquids. Same done, large areas of abnormal cells that extend down the vaginal wall! Freaked me out! She took 3 biopsies and said to wait for results and if I needed treatment I would need LLETZ under GA as the area is large and extending to vaginal wall. 


I have telephone appointment on 21st to receive my results. My mind is overdrive and I'm panicking it's something sinister. She said the type of treatment would depend on if I had finished my family or not. Which seemed to be a bit scary! 

Im 26 with 2 beautiful kiddies 6 & 2! 

just need some reassurance off anyone who has experienced the same!!


1 previous smear in April 2016 - normal. 

Hi, im waiting for my LLETZ results at the moment, so ive had my cells taken away. Ive 2 children too and they said the same to me, depending on the results and wether ive finished my family. He said i could either have to have another LLETZ or my womb taken out. Im nearly 35 so ive already decided id have my womb taken out. Ive paniked so much over the last few weeks! Hope all works out well, not sure ive been much help but you aren't alone xx


July 17-smear, normal

Nov 9th-smear, abnormal cells

Nov 29th-colposcopy and LLETZ, waiting for results. 

Hi Jayne. 


Thanks so much for you reply. What CIN did you have? Why will they take your womb? I'm confused as to why she said the treatment depended on whether I had finished my family. She said it didn't look like anything nasty but there was abnormal cells extending to vaginal wall. Wondering if it looked worse than she made out. 


Hope all goes well for you Jayne!!! 



Ive not been told about CIN, i was just told it was abnormal and he said the cells were on the inner part of my cervix. I think if you have finished your family you will have the option of having your womb taken out, otherwise i think its the LLETZ being done. If my results come back as not so good ive already decided that i want my womb out. They will take it out so i wont have a cervix anymore so there will be no risk of getting cervical cancer. Just means no more babies.

Keep me updated, hope its all good for you x