Awaiting results ... please help!!!

Hi All

I just came across this site this evening and am still on here 4 hrs later.  Its brilliant so many people so active.

So I had my first smear 4 years ago and all was normal. I had the mirena coil in couple of months before it and never really had any issues until early last year .  So i started getting intermittent very light periods and cramping in top of my thighs and put this down to the coil so booked in with my gp who said this can happen and I went on my way and though nothing of it. Before this I got no period since have the coil inserted. Then I started to get some pain in lower abdomen so thought maybe it was dislodged so went on my merry way back to gp who checked coil and said it was still in place.  So she said it could just be niggly cramps associated with women hood... I didn't really mind once I knew coil was still intact.

Then late Nov last year I was due for my smear. Had it results were borderline changes so went for biopsy which cane back at cin3 bit on observation at appointment was told they only look low grade. So had lletz procedure done and at this appointment was chatting away to the Dr as she removed my coil and I told her I didn't want another one in due to the problems... she said I prob should have been sent for a smear earlier than my 4 year mark. Hopefully these results come back and that's not the case but I just can't help feeling that I missed this myself. I never though CC . Not in a million years... Iv had other symptoms too such as bleeding after sex but tbh I only have sex maybe once a month or once every 2 months and bleeding doesn't happen everytime so never thought anything of it just maybe thought  it was cervix being hit to hard. Sorry tmi.

I know I have to face the reality and news may be bad however I don't see too many positive outcomes on here now that may be that once people get the good news they aren't as active . 

Anybody else awaiting results?  I'm 9 days post Lletz