Feeling really down and stressed :(

Hey everyone


I am new to this website and looking for some advice from anyone who understands or has been in the same boat really.


I had my first smear test (aged 25) about a month ago then received a letter saying that I have high grade dyskaryosis which I was completely mortified by! All of the usual initial thoughts running through my mind like I am going to die, I cant have children, I've got cancer....  Anyway, after finding sites like this one it put my mind at ease that alot of people go through the same or similar things...


So I had my colposcopy and lletz treatment nearly 2 weeks which went ok, as ok as that kind of treatment can go I guess! Minimal discharge and no real cramping. Until now... I am due on my period on thursday. I am on the pill and my periods are usually pretty pathetic.. only a small amount of cramping on the morning I come on and thats it. But for the last few days I have been feeling soooooo down :( bad cramping, tiredness, hunger, headaches, all of the bad PMT symptoms in one go. I am a bit stressed at the moment, alot going on in my life. Not necessarily bad things either but I cant seem to see the positive side to anything, even had to take the day off work today as I feel so miserable. The discharge from my lletz has almost stopped aswell so I cant imagine I have an infection or anything brewing? I am also still waiting for my results from the biopsy so that is always at the back of my mind.....


Has anyone experienced/experiencing the same thing? Sorry for such a long message, would really appreciate any feedback :)

Hi I'm in the same boat , waiting for results feels like forever and I can't sleep ! I'm hoping they will arrive soon then I just deal with it but for now I'm in a bit of limbo ! X

It really does feel like forever! I feel like life is on hold until I get that letter.... :/ 

Hopefully we hear something soon! When did you have your treatment? What were they expecting? X

I've had cin1 for a few years and had biopsys taken but in the last 6 months its turned to CIN 3 with CGIN ( which was found during lletz) the doctor said during the op that I was a special case which panicked me slightly . Im crossing my fingers and toes for us both! I had treatment two weeks ago so I'm really hoping its a case of no news is good news ! I've still had the odd stomach cramp and still wearing pads but that's a small price to pay if I get the all clear ! i think they are expecting CIN 3 and CGIN as I had a cone biopsy as well x

Yeah I can imagine you might have panicked a bit but at least its out of the way now. I agree no news is probably good news. If it were something serious they must have known at the initial smear/biopsy! Fingers crossed! Let me know when you know x

Will do - I called the clinic yesterday and they said the doctor has to review the results then I should get them next week so at least I have a clearer idea of when they'll arrive. I wish I'd just spent some of my savings and gone private at least then I may have got results quicker ! Have you had any news ? X

I have finally got my results letter....it says... It is unclear on the biopsy results whether CIN3 has been completely removed and I would like to discuss your results at our next multi disiplinary team meeting where histopathologists will take a further look at the biopsy and decide whether any further treatment is required. 

More waiting. I am so drained from all of this :( 

I hope that you get your results soon and they are more helpful than mine! Xx