Hi everyone.

Long story short: Last week the gyn called me saying the pap smear results were "ASC-H - Atypical squamous cells, cannot exclude HSIL".

The more worrying part is: I'm 29 y.o. and it's been 5 years since my last pap. 

I'm honestly scared out of my mind. I haven't slept and I've barely eaten since that phone call. I'm taking anti-anxiety medications but that's only taking the edge off.


Update:  I had my colposcopy booked for the 24th. I managed to do it today (my period ended yesterday). The doctor said that the lesions look superficial and early stage, so she's thinking CIN1. She took several pieces to biopsy. Only the biopsy results will tell the truth.

The biopsy results from the colposcopy just came in, 2 weeks later:  CIN 1.

I'm so relieved!

The doctor said that all I need is to come back for another smear in 6 months, just to be safe.

I did another pap smear + HPV testing 6 months later...

No lesions detected. Simply cervical ectropion. HPV negative.

I just wanted to let everyone know, since so many people come here and never update on what happened later when everything is well.