Colposcopy next week May 2 (Nervous) ASC-H

Hello everyone!

I got back from ob/gyn appointment about an hour ago with mixed feelings due to the results I was given at the visit.
During the visit, I didn’t have any questions, I guess because 1000 things were running through my mind, however, I won’t see the doctor until May 2 and thought that maybe you guys can help me ease my mind. So, basically the doctor told me they found Atypical Squamous Cells, cannot exclude HSIL (ASC-H) and that they need to do further testing (Colposcopy) and also said most likely they will do a biopsy. So I understand these cervical cells are not normal but why is that? My doctor didn’t mention anything about HPV but does HPV cause ASC-H? After the colposcopy, they will determine whether I have CIN, if I don’t then what does that mean? I’m sorry for the long post…and thanks in advance for any advice and information!

Dont be nervous its just like having a smear, make sure you have a little rest after xxxx Good Luck Once you have had the Colposcopy your nurse will show you on the TV screen your abnormal cells and they are then sent off you may have a biolosy too. xxx 

I know this is an old reply, but how did things fare with your ASC-H? I am asking because I am going through the same diagnosis and this is very hard..