Appointment so worried

Aww well next appointment coming up on Monday nearly 2 years no cancer I have developed a lump in my neck will say to the oncologist  on Monday I have said to the normal doc which I got antibiotics  for it never made and difference  so went back got another doc she just wasn't interested so I thought see the oncologist when it's my appointment so not long now till Monday has anyone else had this a lump in the side of the neck I will say I'm so worried 

All the best Leanne. Hopefully it all comes back ok for you. I have a thyroid mass which they are taking a biopsy again today. Last biopsy was 6 months ago. They havent been able to get a diagnostic result despite 2 previous biopsies. It has remained stable in size about 3.5cm and not lit on pet scan, so they think its most likely benign. But they like to monitor it. Maybe they can do an ultrasound on your neck to give you better peace of mind.


i hope your appointment will be ok. Try not to worry. You have made it this far so stay positive. Hopefully the lump is nothing. Don’t play with it as that could be aggravating it. 

Good luck

Leanne, all the best and will be thinking of you.

Just had to tell you that recently I had a lump in the back of my neck! I was freaking out, but it went within about a week. I put it down to my body fighting off colds and flus, as they were going around at the time.

Hopefully it's nothing, fingers crossed for you.

Thankyou xx

Thankyou xx

Thankyou xx I have had the lump a good few months now 

Hi leanne

Fingers crossed for your appointment , i hope this is nothing to worry about ,  i have had many pains / sympstoms over the past couple of years , had investigations and all had come back No evidence of disease.  Hoping this will be the case for you.

Take care


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July 2015 recurrence to left ovary , Treatment 5 weeks Cisplatin and radiotherapy.

No Evideince Disease up to date.


Thankyou xxx