I was diagnosed with stage2b cc last year 5 chemo 25 radiotherapy and 3 brach.  A MRI and pet scan later showed abnormalities decided on a radical hysterectomy .  Results from biopsy margins clear.  

First check eek up all good, but I have a lump in my neck which the gyno said is a thyroid issue.  Went to my gp who has requested an ultrasound.  

My question as anyone else had this issue.  The waiting for the appointment is panicking me.


Hi there!!
I had treatment in July 2013… A radical trachelectomy… I found a lump in my neck last year. I completely freaked out. We always think the worst don’t we. However I was sent to the ENT department and had a few scans… Just an enlarged lymph node… Nothing abnormal. It’s still there now. No change.
I know it’s probably not exactly like your story… But sometimes it helps to hear something that’s not so negative! all the best with your ultra sound xx

Hiya :-)

The trouble with going for post-cancer treatment check ups is that you are under incredibly close scrutiny and every tiny little thing needs to be checked out to make sure it's not a recurrence. I haven't had a lump in my neck but I've had a suspicious bladder, suspicious liver and suspicious blood-sugar levels, all of which had me referred to specialists and all of which frightened the crap out of me. If people who had never received a cancer diagnosis had to undergo the same close-observation that we have to they too would have the crap scared out of them :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks.  I am having difficulty with the waiting and believing that I will get an ultrasound soon.  As it took 4 weeks to get referred and now another 4 weeks before I will receive an appointment from the hospital.  3 weeks in and heard nothing.  GP thinks it is nothing even with my history.