lumpy neck


It feels like ages since I was last on here! I was given the "no signs of any cancer" back in January 2012. I've been very lucky and had no major problems after the treatment until now. I have a hard lump in my neck, which has been there for about 2 weeks and feels slightly bigger today. Its big enough to see just looking at me! 

I saw my oncologist last week and he has arranged for me to have a head to knee ct scan, which I'm having on Friday. I am absolutely s****ing myself and working myself up into a right old panic. I think I've decided its worse because he wasn't able to reassure me and this will be the first scan I've had since 2012. I suppose I'm seeking reassurance, or any similar stories.....? :-\  



Hi Cathryn,

Sorry you are having to deal with the cancer demons again!!Never goes away

does it.....I wish I could shed some light on this for you,but I don't have any

answers.Have you been feeling unwell?Good news they are on it straight away

with CT scans.Hopefully it's nothing and the scans will put your mind at rest.

Please let us know how you get on.

Becky x

Hi Cathryn

I had some bleeding recently which I am currently getting checked out.  It's awful how every symptom is scary after cancer so I can really empathise with you.

A friend of mine had a big lump on her neck for about 2 months.  It came on suddenly and although she had no cancer history she was understandably worried.  She had various scans and in the end the consultant thought it was viral (although she didn't remember being ill).  It went down slowly on it's own.

Obviously it's sensible to get it checked out - I just wanted to give you some hope that there could be another cause and it might help your worrying :o)

Good luck hope the scan goes well, let us know how you get on.

Best wishes

Kirsty xx



Hi Cathryn

A word of encouragement: Wanted you to know, that as a Lymph Drainage Therapist, I have often see clients with swollen lymph

nodes in their necks. (Even happens to me at times.) Many of them have been cancer survivors and we work on getting them to

'breathe'. Not one has come back to me yet, after getting scans, with a diagnosis of recurrence. I know after my diagnosis and

during chemo I had 3 lumps in my neck. It started with one. After discussing it with my med team, I did therapy on myself and 

it drained the nodes. No one could see or feel them anymore. Of course we are checking regularly to be on safe side.