anyone else under 25 with severe abnormalities awaiting or had cc?

Hiya. .just seeing how many others out there who are in my position and scared.

I have had symptoms for many years but was refused smear as I was under 25.

Something needs to be done for us as if this is as bad as I know deep down the ones that refused will know about it. 

I have Colposcopy on the 25th but feels a lifetime away.



i am currently 24 and have been diagnosed with cc. my letter for my first smesr came through 6 month early so just thought i might aswell call and book it to get it out of the way, it came back severe changes. i then was referred for colposcopy which she  confirmed to me it was cin3 and i had 2 loop treatments to get rid there and then. sadly oncde they checked the biopsy they confirmed in was cc and i have now undergone a cone biopsy to hopefully remove it all which will preserve my fertility.

i wouldnt worry too much about the abnormal cells my consultant said is common that women have changes and they can remove them.

i hope your colp appointment went ok. if you have any other questions please feel free ask me i know how worried you must be feeling.


Hi.sorry I have just seen your reply.

Sorry to here you have been diagnosed with cc..hope they got rid of it all for you?

Colposcopy went ok considering they took biopsies just was achy for few days

 recently had lletz and awaiting then results its a horrible anxious time.


Hi girls, Klee what did ur biopsy results come back as? Howmany did he take? Mine came back as CIN3 and am now 7 days post lletz, no bleeding yet! Xxx