Follow up colposcopy


I went for a smear about 8 weeks ago and came back that I had cin3. Had lletz treatment a week later and a 5 weeks later no letter. I phoned hospital on thursday and they said they were having a meeting to discuss what they should do next as I still have abnormal cells and they need to know what they are dealing with before they can say what treatment?? Has anyone had a similar experience. I just want them to say what it is as feeling very sorry for myself about it x x

Hello Nervouslady

I'm in the same boat as you so you know you're not alone :)

I had abnormal smear, went in for colposcopy and lletz, felt great afterwards as thought  it was done and dealt with.  Waited the five weeks and got a letter with no results just stating I was being discussed at the next multidipiplinary meeting in 4-6 weeks! Bah! Thankfully my mum is retired midwife with friends in obs and gynae who basically told me they need to decide to either watch and wait, re-treat, more tests, more biopsies etc. The waiting is the hard part like you I just want it over with so I can get on with life :)


Hope you get an answer soon, wishing you a speedy soloution xx

THe waiting is such a bummer isn't it! I have been told the meeting is this week, do you know when yours is? Hopefully by next week I'll now what is happening! Speak soon x x x 


How did you get on?

I have found out my meeting is on 20th Nov so putting it to the back of my mind until then :) Hope you are well