Any advice?

I am diagnosed with 1b1 after rh with no lymph node involvement but lsiv positive. During surgery its been seen that one ovary has infiltration also. They took biopsy from the other ovary , thanks god its it clean. So the docs decided i should have rt. Today i have an appoinmet with the medical oncolog to decide if i need chemotherapy along with radiotherapy?

I am a single mother of a 6 year old angel. I am scared. Will i be cured totally , any idea?

Hi idyll,

What a scary time for you! My biggest concern was my children too. I was so scared that I wouldn't make it and they would be left alone.

I wish I could guarantee you will be cured however I cannot. What I can tell you is it IS possible!! I've learned cervical cancer are words not a sentence. Here I am nearly two years from diagnosis and currently there are zero signs of cancer anywhere! 

Hold your 6 year old angel close and allow him/her to motivate your hope and belief that you will be cured ❤


Hi ladies

I am starting my chemo rads tomorrow and becoming more nervous as the day progresses. Ive been so calm u till now,

Hoping the nerves will settle by tomorrow,




Negative smear September 2014 Bleeding since May 2015 Misdiagnosed by gynae as ectropion 2nd opinion March 2017 Diagnosed CC stage 2B 14/3/2017 Chemo Rads commence 8/04/3017 28 Radiotherapy 6 Chemotherapy 3 Brachytherapy

Hi all ,

My treatment will begin next monday, cisplatin and rt.

I am very worried about the side effects. Is it too bad ?

Hi all,

I had a radical hysterectomy in February and after had to also get radiation and chemo becauae of lvsi and a parametrial lymph node involved. I am 3 weeks in and i am doing ok the only side effect so far is the poops :-). Its not as bad as i thought u will be ok. Good luck and take care:-)

Hi there,

My chemoradiation programme has changed. I had 2 radiotherapy and 1 chemo so far. Everything seem okey. I am fine , hope it will continue like this.

Fingers crossed.