Recurrence fear

Hi ladies,

I am diagnosed with 1b1 no node involvement but lsiv positive. Margins are clear however there is a minimum infiltration to right ovary.( dr told me that the capsule is free of infiltration)

Tomorrow i will have my first chemo and have it for 6 weeks on weekly basis. And monday onwards i will have rt for 28 working days.

Dr told me that the first 2 years is very important for recurrence so i will be monitores on 3 monthly basis.

Do you have any idea about recurrence? Is recurrence a high possibility although there is no lymph involvement ? Is lsiv a very dangerous factor?

I ama scared of recurrence , any idea ?



I do not really know the answer to your questions but I think it's kind of standard what they say that the first 2 Years are important .  lots of us fear recurrence but you'll be monitored every 3 months which is a good thing and if like me you have a recurrence there are treatment Options Available.  

Discuss your fears with your team and hopefully they can answer Your questions .  I know it's hard but try to concentrate on the here and now .

take care Greeni 


Hi I've sent you a pm x


no one can answer your questions it isn't possible to tell you that you have more chance of recurrence it doesnt  matter what stage your at I personally think it's just  pure luck 

everybody  who goes through chemo rads will be monitored every 3 months then on to six months what ever stage you've been diagnosed 

Pls don't google about recurrence at this stage concentrate on what your about to go through you will need all your energy and strength for the chemo rads with out putting more anxiety on yourself for nothing put in your head that you at this stage are heading for a cure 

when you finish your treatment have a look on the post treatment forum there's lots of ladies on there that have finished there treatment and are NED ( no evidence of disease ) 

also there are some ladies on there with recurrence that have been cured second time round and others that are doing excellent after there second treatment I'm one of them 

pls don't be stressing it isn't worth it take everyday as it comes and be happy 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx