new and scared!!

hi ladies


I'm maria im 28 and have just finished treatment of radio/chemo/brachy and i'm staged at 1b2 with one positive lymph node and one suspicious, and i'm just really worrying about the lymph nodes and what happens if the treatment hasnt worked on the positive lymph node then what will happen? I have spoke to a couple of ladies who have had cervical cancer but not had lymph node involvement and they have the all clear and doing great! but i would really love to hear from anyone who has had lymph node involvement and knows abit more about it, does it decrease the chance of cure? is there more chance of it coming back after getting the all clear? is there anyone who has had it in there lymph nodes also who have beaten it and not had it come back?! I'm just so scared and its all i can think about, and have to wait 3 months now untill my results! :( xx

Hi Maria I was diagnosed with stage 2B in November 2003 with lymph node involvement.  My consultant reassured me that the treatment is very good I had the combined 5 week chemo/daily radiotherapy and then just two further RT sessions the following Mon/Tues week aimed at the lymph nodes.  The consultant had originally said might do 2 or 3 sessions but she decided 2 would be enough ( I can remember asking if they could give me 3 for good measure but they said it was not necessary so I took that as a positive that they wern't throwing more RT treatment at me).  Had the brady or internal RT a few weeks later and the all clear from the MRI a few weeks after that. Was discharged from the follow up check ups after 5 years in early 2009.  

I would recommend you talk to your consultant but remember they have caught it early and it has not spread beyond the lymph nodes so try and remain positive and talk to the experts/keep in touch with people on this site for support.  The treatment will be over soon and for most people is not too bad. Take care of yourself. x x x

Hi Maria - I am too 28 and was diagnosed with stage 2b with Lymph node, I was the same as kazrazmataz and had 5 weeks chemo/rads with brachy and then 3 extra zaps aimed at my lymph nodes. I am now all clear but remember thinking the same's scary when they're in your lymph nodes as you just think of it travelling. try and remain positve though - I know it's easier said than done hun..I am here if you need a chat - feel free to PM me, sounds like I'm a few months ahead of you! in age as well xxxx

Thankyou sooo much ladies for your posts it's made me feel alot more at ease and not worry as much! although I never got any extra zaps done on the lymph nodes where it is, so may mention it to my consultant as to why that is! But after reading your posts I am feeling alot more positive and feel like I can get through this 3 month wait Smile xx



Hi again Maria - the oncologist stressed the RT is THE main treatment as I was upset because they stopped my chemo - long story - they gave me penicillin which I am allergic too when they thought I had a slight chest infection, the combined cocktail made me allergic to the chemo and they would not give me the final sessions (had 3 out of 5).

The way I see it they said my tumour stage 2b was large, dense and aggressive.  The RT completely destroyed every single cell with the 5 week RT sessions plus brady.  The experts know what they are doing if they only thought I needed 2 blasts on the lypmh nodes, Otherwise they would bombard these with more sessions if they thought it necessary. The  5 week sessions are not aimed at the lymph nodes.

Message me if you want to but I suggest you talk to the consultant as I know how frightened you are, I was terrified but as I said the oncologist (actually it was two consultants I spoke to as they let me see the boss as I had written a letter) reassured me I was getting more than enough treatment without the full chemos.  They said  a penicillin allergy is normally just a harmless rash as it was just that in my case which they would risk if they thought I needed the full chemo.

Stage 2B late 2003 - 5 wks RT and brady/2 rt blasts aimed at ymph nodes, All clear May 2004/ 5yr follow ups clear 2008, no further treatment since.  



Maria me again - talk to your consultant but if they have not given you extra zaps I guess its cus they are sure you dont need it.

thankyou kazrazmataz i am going to talk to my consultant tomorrow as to why no extra zaps! I do try to remain strong and positive for my family but deep down im so so scared! just the last 6 months i have had nothing but bad news after bad news i dont think i can handle anymore! I just want it to be over and i feel like time is standing still, so im praying for the all clear! Thanks again for your reply i feel alot more at ease knowing you ladies have got through all of this and hopefully i can too :) x


cant add anything to the excellent advice but GOOD LUCK!  The waiting is hard but will go faster than you think now.  We'reall here if you need us!!



Hi Maria - good to hear you are going to talk to your consultant, good luck  you have everything on your side and as they keep telling us the treatment is very good.  Still I understand when you are going through this yourself before the all clear its a very very difficult time..  I was terrible at times but I used to talk to people who made me feel more positive like understanding friends and my husband who was amazing most of the time.  I remember saying to him why are you so laid back and acting like nothing much is wrong and he said 'noone is telling us that the outcome is going to be bad they are saying the opposite so I make the choice to believe in them and deal with Today and everything is looking ok he also said physically I was back to my normal self in no time after the treatment so that helped convince him I was going to be OK Easier  said than done I thought but it did help me a bit but you have to vent your feelings as need to but remember you are not alone for a start you have us lot on here.  Try not to think toofar ahead and take good care of yourself and try and do at least one thing you like doing every day,

Regarding work GP said you owe it to yourself to prioritise on your health and mind and to forget about work/so I did not go back to work about a month after the all clear/went on Holiday instead. x x



Stage 2B 2003- treatment started Dec 2003 MRI All clear May 2004, 5 yr all clear May 2009 

Hi Maria

Can't give you much advise but just want to share that

I'm in similar situation, stage 2B2, which spread to right lymphnode.

I had 7weeks of daily Radiotherapy/7 chemo and 3 Brachy which ended last January.

I'm now waiting for my first MRI and CT scan (01st May), According to my consultant at the end of my treatment in January, she can"t see the CA in the cervic any more and the lymphnode has shrank to 8mm

So finger cross.....

Take care xxx

thankyou ladies Smile and margaretha lee goodluck with your scan let me know how you get on my fingers are crossed for you! xxx