am i over reacting

Went for my first smer aged 25 and had it come back as abnormal.

I dumped my current bf at the time pretty much straight away as I believed it was him that gave me HPV.

I am still angry about it, I am usually careful, so there was only 2 people I could blame.

I am a total bitch to both of them as I feel they deserve to be punished for my illness and what I feel is something that has totally runied my life.


Long story short I am now no longer interested in sexual relations with anyone at all.

Celebasy bordering on ace???

Is this normal or am I over reacting??

With the lack of information and testing I do not want to go through this hell again, even though my current hell isn't quite over.


Any other ladies feel the same, especially those who are younger like myself.



Yes Emmylou you are over reacting. If you think this way you would resent 80% of all sexually active people as that's the rate of hpv infection. There is no blame here.  We are human. Jayne

Hi emmylou

it is very normal to go through many different feelings when facing any kind of health issues. I feel you seem to be festering in an anger stage and would like to tell you just how harmful this can be for your overall health both mentally and physically. 

As the pp has mentioned 80% or more of sexually active adults carry HPV and there are over 150 strains of this virus and they are still discovering even more. The important fact that you must remember is that most people can clear this virus on their own but it is very hard for the female body to clear this virus at any age if you are worn out, sickly with a weak immune system, stressed out etc. So if you are looking to blame someone directing your anger at all the people around you will just cause you even more stress and that can potientially contribute to your overall health. 

Regardless of what your age it is important to remember that life is about experiences that make our lives fulfilled with happiness. Restricting human love out of fear will only inhibit you from enjoying what life is about. Steering away from sex is one thing but cutting out people is another. 

I hope you can let go of your anger and find some peace within yourself to allow yourself to experience a relationship again one day. 

Please also do some research about clearing the HPV and helping your body heal. 

All the best....

I'm afraid you are indeed over reacting... The stats are there. If you are sexually active, no matter if you'be only ever slept with one person you will probably get HPV. Even with condoms you can still get it. 

I understand you are scared and cross, but it's just one of those things. I've been married for 10years and now only having problems. HPV laid dormant for many years in my body. Once you have HPV you have it, even if you abstain from future sex.

Be kind to yourself. Look after your self! You Will get through this.

Thanks ladies,

Making me feel slightly more normal.


Unfortunately I have learnt through my experience that not enough is know about the condition and therefore am extremely skeptical of statistics....

And it doesn't help when people say you should use a condom, when as correctly said it won't prevent it.


As for a stress free life. I wish, I work in a fast paced environment and stress sadly comes with the territory.

I am taking everything I can to boost my immune system. ( I live in hope of it working)

On the positive I am idiot free in my life and have come to accept the decisions that I have made, even if many others disagree with them.


Good luck to you all

I would say over-reacting is an understatement.

Also, most of us in this area of the forum are dealing with an actual cancer diagnosis. I cannot see that you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

What I am saying is... there are a lot bigger problems than being upset about having HPV as 80% of the population have it. So I wouldn't worry unless you are diagnosed. I wish you all the best. 


I really concerned about my sex life now since being diagnoised with high risk hpv and low grade dyskaryosis i am 26 awaiting my biopsy result only waiting for a negetive result i have refused to have sex with my partner me thinking things will become worse i dont know what else to if i can stilll have intercourse im just confused.