Aftercare if positive

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has any information about if you test positive and has a monogamous relationship does it mean you never can get rid of the virus because you are passing it back and forth?
And even if you have a treatment for the cells does it mean you have to stop being intimate just in case your partner is going to give it back to you.
Any comments will be much appreciated!
Thank you!


I was also concerned about this and asked at my LLETZ appointment; I asked whether I would just get HPV again when I had sex with my boyfriend (who I assumed would have HPV too as we had slept together before my smear). The nurse explained that you do build up an immunity to the specific strain of HPV that you share, and as such, the risk of re-infection that would cause abnormal cells would be low.

I am also worried about this too having had my LLETZ on Wednesday, but as there’s no test for men, there’s really no choice i suppose!!

Sending love!