Hpv positive/lesbian relationship

Hi all,

Hoped I could get some advice. I had a smear test a few months back & received a letter that basically said I was HPV Positive & needed to be retested in a years time. That’s all that the letter said. I wasn’t given any info about what strain it was, whether it was high risk or anything. I’m now super worried about how to move forward knowing about this, without actually knowing about it, especially in terms of my relationship.

I haven’t touched my girlfriend since I received the letter. I’ve not even kissed her properly as I read online that you can actually have oral HPV. It’s putting a huge strain on our relationship but I don’t want to put her at risk. She had a smear a few weeks before I did & was clear so I’d hate to find out that I’d passed this on & potentially put her in danger.

I need advise about how to move forward in our relationship but I don’t know where to go for it. My GP surgery is useless. My girlfriend wants to carry on as we were, operating under the assumption that either she’s already had it & cleared it or she has it already & it’s dormant but I refuse to ‘assume’ when it comes to her health. She’s also told me she has spoken to her GP who agrees she should carry on as normal but I don’t believe that. We’ve been in a long term monogamous relationship, and are both clear of STD’s, so apart from the usual sanitary precautions we wasn’t using protection such as dental dams.

I feel really lost atm and it’s made me feel very unclean. I hate the effect it’s had on my confidence & in turn, my relationship with a woman I love.

Can anybody offer any advice?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, I notice you haven’t had any responses to your post, I hope you have been able to work through this with your partner. I closed down with my partner following my diagnosis of HPV and cell abnormalities but have since been reassured to continue to be active due to the statistical chance that they have already been exposed. But a tough decision to make.