HPV more than once

Hi all, any advice would be greatly appreciated on this one.

I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for the past 12 years. Approx 6 or 7 years ago I had a positive HPV result (with cell changes - had a LETTZ procedure) and the following screening was clear. I had done some research and was aware that the infection could have been picked up by either one of us from a previous relationship. I’ve just had another HPV positive result (no cell changes this time), still with the same partner…he states he has not been unfaithful, so i’m wondering how I have contracted what I assume from my research is a different strain?

Is it possible we could have both been infected with different strains from before our relationship and my previous positive was from one of us and this new positive from the other?? or is it more likely he’s not being entirely truthful and he has caught this from someone else and passed it to me?

My emotions are all over the place, it’s reignited insecurities I had thought i’d dealt with and as much as I want to believe my him, I have this small nagging doubt that I never had before.

Thanks in advance for any replies

Hello unfortunately getting a negative result doesn’t mean is gone for good, hpv stays in your system forever when a test is showing a negative result means your system has managed to keep the virus low enough to become undetectable but is there in a dormant state.
Sometimes it can reactivate science is not sure why but most probably stress lack of certain vitamins could be the cause but they don’t really know .
The fact that your body managed to clear it is brilliant news it can most definitely do it again
Take care and remember a positive result doesn’t mean cell changes or worse most times the body just fights it
If you have not had the HPV vaccine get it done some studies suggest it helps.


Thanks for your reply that’s really helpful and reassuring information to know. Hoping no further cell changes develop this time round. Thanks again.