After colposcopy, dr said she thinks it's just HPV? What does this mean?

Hi everyone, first post here after being glued and reading like crazy the past couple of days.


I'm 30, I had an abnormal smear recently, it said borderline changes and tested positive for high risk HPV. I went along for my colposcopy, tried very hard not to cry but I was SO nervous and scared! The actual procedure was fine and I felt a bit silly for being so worried about it :) but I am now a little confused by something she said as I can't find any info on it.


She said my cervix looked fine apart from one very slight white area showed up. She said this must be what the smear picked up. It was very small and quite pale and she said it faded quickly. Not sure if any of that is a good sign or doesn't really mean anything, but it sounded quite positive I thought? She took a biopsy and also took a biopsy from another area as she said she wanted one with a normal result??? I can't see that anyone else here has had this done??

The consultation afterwards is what I've been thinking about. On the form she wrote HPV, and said she is almost sure I won't need any treatment and that she doesn't even think it is precancerous changes and is rather just HPV changes. But I thought HPV changes WERE precancerous changes? She was talking like it was the result that comes before CIN1, but I didn't know anything less than CIN1 existed?

I came away feeling positive, results in 4 weeks, but now I've read that consultants have said similar things to people - see you in a year - but the biopsy showed it to be worse than they thought. So back to worrying until the results I guess :( xx



I think it's good they took 2 biopsies from good and bad area to compare.

I had my first biopsy come back as CIN 1 they did another smear at the same time and it came back as CIN2, So I had a loop in the end. I wouldn't worry about the results until they come :).

Good luck x

I had an anal biopsy recently (had cervical Cancer and vaginal precancer) that showed 'hpv' changes. it just means very slight changes..... Pre, pre, Cancer if you like. 

Thank you for the replies. :)


just updating my thread in case anyone stumbles across this in the future with a similar situation and wondered what the outcome was.


i rang the hospital to chase my results as I'm going on holiday next week and couldn't bare the thought of waiting another 3-4 weeks for results. I have been discharged and just have to have a repeat smear in 1 year through my GP. I'm so relieved. So it was just "HPV changes" which will hopefully go away once my immune system gets rid of the HPV virus!! I've been taking Vitamin C to hopefully give it a helping hand.



So basically I went from a smear that said borderline changes but positive high risk HPV, colposcopy, biopsy, discharged with no treatment. Anyone else in the same situation please try and stay positive and don't panic :) xx