Advice please! Cramping after LLETZ

Hi All

Just found this forum and I am hoping you can help put my mind at ease!

I had the LLETZ treatment last Wednesday and I am still suffering from some pretty rubbish cramping (worse in the evenngs). Is it normal to still have cramping a week later? 

Also, I have noticed that some of my discharge is black (looks almost like charcoal/smeared madcara). I'm hoping this is just the after effects of the treatment leaving my body but has anyone else had this?

I am working away from home at the moment so won't be able to see a doctor until at least Thursday so hoping I'm just panicking myself over nothing!

Grateful to hear from anyone who can help or put my mind at ease!


Hi there,

yes all sounds pretty normal to be honest....horrible though isnt it. The bleeding/discharge lasted a good few weeks for me. If the blood loss starts to whiff though contact your GP as it can be a sign of infection xxx

I had cramping for 5 weeks. It eased off and became more sporadic as time went on. First couple of weeks were the worst and it did nothing for my imagination, which kept coming up with all sorts of ideas until the results confirmed that the cancer was contained and had not spread. If you're worried, go see a GP and they can test you for any infection and put your mind at rest xx

Me too, I also have weird cramping and feel swollen. I mostly lay down and when I was stilling a lot one day I felt very bad. I'm only 6 days post surgery.

Hi Kateu,

I have had the same since my LLETZ 11 days ago. Horrendous cramping, watery sooty, charcoal discharge too. I am reliably informed by the consultant this us normal, though you try telling me that when I am on all fours, writhing in agony! Mine goes with parecetemol or ibuprofen though. I would suggest that if yours doesn't or like the others say,you have smelly or really heavy loss, then definitely speak to your GP.

All the best xx