Advice on side effects

Hey there ive just recently finished treatment a week ago … ano its still early stages but i was wondering how long peoples side effects lasted ie burning and pressure … im in so much pain :weary: taking over the counter cystitis satches and paracetamol… bowel movements are going from one extreme to another i can manage that its just the pressure between my legs and burning

Hi, I am sending you healing streams of grace during this time.

My initial side effects subsided after a relatively short time.

You are strong. Listen to your body and do what you need to do to thrive.

My short term side effects subsided but were replaced with some long term side effects which I have been able to manage with lifestyle changes, integrative and western medicine therapies.

Thank you for taking the time to reply… can i ask a time frame and is there anything that u would recommend to help xx

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Hi @Esther89

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing pains and other side effects. What treatment have you had?

If you are in the UK I was told to always phone our Red Card / acute oncology team or if not serious, my cancer nurse.

if I was still have your type of side effects to get checked out and help with pain management.


I have 28 radiotherapy sessions 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy they told me side effects could last up to 2 weeks from treatment ended maybe longer but the pressure and shooting pains in my lady area r brutal at times xx

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Hi @Esther89

When I was in pain I ended up taking paracetamol and ibuprofen together to help. I was offer liquid morphine by my Oncologist also when it was unreal.

I’d definitely get checked out but i am saying that because I am scarred from being hospitalised for 8 days for ignoring symptoms. Breathless, burning, bleeding and general aches. Turned out I was neutropenic sepsis

Peachy xx

Aww ill definitely be ringing then to get checked … do u mind me asking how long roughly ur initial symptoms lasted for xx

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About a week, lovely x

It’s different for everyone, but I had really bad pain and stinging in my bladder/when urinating and it lasted a week to the day after my last brachytherapy. Good luck! It gets better.

Thank u for taking time to reply … i was a week past there on monday and still having quiet abit of pain so im gona see my gp n just get checked over xx

My bowel issues tamed down about 2 weeks after treatment, I had to eat probiotic yogurt everyday to kinda settle things down. I unfortunately still have bladder flare ups because I got radiation cystitis from the radiation. I’m 4 years from treatment & get that bad pressure feeling from time to time & urgency. Double check & make sure you don’t have a uti too just in case. But if that comes back clear & it’s still bugging you after a couple weeks get into see a urologist. For the meantime try to stay away from any bladder irritation drinks like caffeine alcohol or acid drinks or really acidic foods.

Thank u for replying… im definitely gona get checked for a uti pure orange seems to b helping with my bowels which is ok just hope i can get rhe bladder side of things sorted… ive been avoiding all those things anyways cause it is making it worse xx

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