Advice on side effects - How long do they last?

Hi everyone, 


I've not been posting regularly, but would like some advice from any ladies who have completed chemoradiation.

I finished my last chemo on wednesday, with the final radio on Saturday. How long did it take before you started to feel 'well' again?

Maybe I was being overly optimistic, but I was hoping that today (Monday), I would have a bit more energy and feel less sick... If anything I feel worse. I've got brachytherapy no.2 on Tuesday, so still not completely finished yet. I need some light at the end of the tunnel!!

Thanks in advance 



Hi Jenny well done your nearly there now! I finished my chemoradiation 2

 weeks ago Friday. And my last brachy was a week ago tomorrow. And the last couple of days I must say I've started to feel ok tired But not sickly. I can handle the tiredness but the sickness was horrible! So am glad that's gone and I'm getting my appetite back and I'm starting to want to go out walks and stuff because beforehand I just wanted my bed! So basically Jenny I felt like you a couple of weeks ago and now I'm starting to feel like myself now xx

Hi both

Nice to see that you are both through the worst of the treatment

For me it took about 2 weeks for me to feel ok(ish).... I had a water infection and my bloods were low which didnt help.  Looking back now I can see that it took longer, but at the time I woke on day and had a noticeable increase in energy levels and my bowels had settled down.   After 4 weeks I went away for a month and when I returned for dr appointments I was told I looked 'too well' .. I basically spent every day outside and walked everyday.... simple gentle exercise helped a lot. 

Take care of yourselves