Experiences after treatment


my first time posting on here, just a quick background, I was diagnosed  stage 2b cervical cancer in October 2015, I underwent chemoradiation and had 3 sessions of brachytherapy, Confirmed remission in March 2016. Since then I’ve experienced a whole host of things, I’ve recentky been diagnosed with radiation proctitis after months of runny no 2’s and rectal bleeding. I’ve also experienced back pain on and off. However the past week or so I’ve had back pain again and paracetamols just aren’t touching the pain, im also getting pains in my hips and in the toos of my leg and a bit of pain in the front, has any one else had similar experiences nearly 2 years post treatment?



thanks xxxx

Hi Linda. I'm afraid I can't shed light on your symptoms, but it could be that the radiotherapy has given you "insufficiency fractures" which are now causing you problems. Do get it checked out though as there may be other meds you can take which are a bit stronger than paracetamol. Hope you get some answers soon.

Hiya I have pains in my legs and hips and I go sometimes wee myself I've been for scans and nothing coming up so they don't know why imbsore they say I'm putting it down to the radiotherapy  I walk slow can't do my job so not working as I worked in the schools and referred me to the urology they gave me tablets but the side effects from them I wouldn't take them Leanne