Advice? Information? Feeling embarrassed! :(

I feel really embarrassed about this - but i'm hoping someone out there can reassure me, relate or completely know what i'm going through. 

So I went for my first ever SMEAR around a month ago, I have always been extremely up for doing it because I know how important it is. 

My first appointment was actually with a completely new nurse and a trainee, which I honestly didn't mind. I felt fine all day and even before it started I felt comfortable. Anyway, the nurse tried once and failed as I was in a lot of pain. She tried once more with the smaller speculum and I was still in pain and bleeding, so we ended the test. Me feeling extremely embarrassed and frustrated at myself! 

I re-booked an appointment with my regular nurse at my GP's office, and I was prescribed Diazepam to help me relax beforehand. At first I thought the Diazepam worked fine, I felt slightly dazed like I had had a couple of drinks and I was tired. However, I felt like it wore off so quickly especially by the time that it came to my SMEAR. 
The nurse tried again but again I was in pain. I know it's nothing to be ashamed of but i'm still a virgin, so I know it's probably due to that reason. I told the nurse and I have now been referred to Gynacology at my local hospital. Does anyone know what this entails? I haven't been given any information about it? And to be honest im nervous! 



Dont be embarrassed, we are all different. 

I suspect the hospital appointment will try to look at your cervix in a colposcopy room where the bed enables the person looking at your cervix to tilt you into a better position. The chair has leg supports attached which also helps to tilt your pelvis and make looking at your cervix easier.

Try not to worry xxxxx

Hi i do not understand why i virgin was having a smear in the first place                                                            There should be a phone number on the letter you received give them a call they should tell you if is just a meeting first or the  examination chair