Failed attempt -again

hello! I just wondered if anyone has a similar experience as currently I feel like an alien!

At 25 I was called for a smear. it was too painful so it didn't happen. It was a really rubbish experience with the practice nurse actually who treated me like a silly little girl. Re-booked with a GP. She tried, also failed. I'd had a diazepan too then. Re-ferred to local hospital and the consultant managed to do one. Still hurt, I was still half way up the bed, but she managed. 

Fast forward 3 years, and I now have a little girl! Birth was via c section because i can't handle internals!

Smear test reminder comes through again. Determined to sort this out I book with a nurse. Nurse was lovely, but again couldn't do it. Referred again.

whats wrong with me?! Has anyone had one under sedation? I know these tests are so important and I'm determined to keep on top of them, but I just always find them too much! I just can't relax. I've tried it all :(

What sort of pain is it? If it's painful when they first try to insert the speculum it might be vaginismus? Do you ever get pain with sex or using tampons at all? 


You could probably get it done privately under sedation, or perhaps talk to your gp about getting some valium or something? They will want to do everything they can to help. 


I was certain my first smear would be unsuccessful, as I suffered from vaginismus and have always found sex painful (always nervous with things being inserted down there after a traumatic experience with a tampon that got stuck when I was younger!). I made the nurse use the small speculum and asked her to use lube. Though I'm sure they would have already tried that with you. So I'd still suggest talking to a nice gp who will hopefully help you out! 

Hi Katie, I'm also 25 and was feeling abnormal after my smear as they had to stop it was too painful.first time was with 2 lovely nurses and I felt relaxed but they said I was too sore tender and I bled loads so I got referred to colposcopy where I totally freaked out..there were three nurses in room one was really nice to me but the one doing it I felt was quite abrupt and made feel silly aswell which I already felt so embarrassed and abnormal and I felt out of control and it was all done so formally and with 3 People in room I don't know why they needed 3 people to do it I felt I couldn't talk about my fears and just felt mortified.she stopped test and said my crying would upset other people and told me to get diazepam.i too find it to much and find intercourse painful but didn't want to tell them this and had a bad experience where I didn't feel in control at 18 and for some reason stupidly associate the feeling of being out control with the smear which is ridiculous so I lied and said it was fine as I was embarrassed and just cried instead, they were looking at me like I was mad I'm sure. I feel like I'm being ripped open and literally am so sore after both times I've been sore after so I'm at a loss what to do. I keep bleeding between periods and want to find out what's wrong but it just seems to be a disaster and I feel like an inconvenience and stupid.